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Rope Light Decorations

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Rope light decorations are constructed by heating rope light and shaping into fun and festive designs, which are secured on a frame. Choose from a variety of beautiful rope light motifs such as snowflakes, stars, palm trees and more. Colorful rope light decorations light up any home or patio for the season, whether it is summer or Christmas. Chasing rope lights create the illusion of movement, and bring life to decorations such as trucks and the Waving Santa on a Golf Cart. We also carry a full selection of Christmas Motifs in large and small sizes.

Popular seasonal rope light motifs include the Patriotic Flag, Blooming cactus, and Palm Tree rope light decorations for summer. The winter holidays are the season for rope light decorations such as Bethlehem Stars, wreaths, and Nativity scenes. A pair of turtle doves is perfect for weddings, and the traditional "It's a Girl!" motif of a stork carrying a delivery package is a great celebratory decoration for new baby girls.

Whether decorating your home for the Christmas holiday, or giving your landscape a new them, rope light decorations are ideal for outdoor use.