Wedding Lights Ideas

Wedding lights bring ambiance to your ceremony and reception, and illuminate outdoor weddings into the night. Unique ideas include hanging icicle lights from ceilings, draping white wire lights across head tables, wrapping centerpieces, and stunning guests with impressive curtains of lights. Use our Wedding Lights Guide as a planning tool to ensure the bride and grooms day is picture perfect.

Once the ceremony and reception venues are confirmed, planning lighting for your wedding can begin.

White Christmas Lights: Mini and Icicle

White wire mini lights and icicles are among the most popular Christmas lights used in weddings. They are ideal for decorating aisles, wedding walls and backdrops, and illuminating tents for outdoor weddings.

If having a church ceremony, string mini lights along the end of the pews and intertwine with flowers. Hang icicle lights in the background to create a lighted backdrop for your vows.

At the wedding reception, lighting options are endless. Place wide angle LEDs at the head table under a sheer overlay, along the edge of the bridal table, or hang from the edge of cake and gift tables. Drape lighting strings along walls or on the ceiling next to sheer material to create ambient lighting for a dance floor, the cutting of the cake, and more.

Wedding Lighting Ideas

Head and Guest Table lighting

The head table at the reception seats the bride and groom, and typically the entire bridal party. Ensure that this focal point of the reception is aglow with lights.

  • Drape icicle lights along the head table, covering with sheer fabric such as a tulle overlay to soften the glow
  • Use flameless candles to add ambience to the table settings
  • Battery operated lights are perfect for table centerpieces and around the cake table

Wedding Ceiling Lighting

Wedding ceilings and walls make ideal surfaces for hanging lights.

  • Hang Icicle Lights from the ceiling, taking advantage of the staggering drops to create a feel of stars in the sky
  • Net lights evenly cover walls, creating photographic backdrops
  • Drape mini lights in sheer fabric curtains and hang from ceiling fixtures for soft luminescence
  • Stun guests with a curtain of lights hanging from the ceiling like streamers, with a central starting point

Wedding Tent Lighting

Wedding tents feel more open when illuminated with bright white lights. Hang white wire mini lights along the walls and over the top of the tent, either on the inside or outside surfaces. You can also create a tent using patio lights for a more open air feel while still framing your space. The result is a cozy gathering space that feels open and welcoming!

Wedding Arbor Lighting

Wedding arbors are a popular backdrop during the vow exchange in outdoor weddings. Take advantage of the potential surfaces offered by arbors, including the lattice walls and pergola ceiling.

  • Wrap mini lights up the height of the arbors and weave throughout the trellises to create a scenic backdrop for vows
  • Use prelit garland to adorn the top of the arbor, or wrap natural greenery with lights
  • Flameless candles make a great alternative to the unity candle, promising to stay lit through the entire ceremony

Flower Lights

Flower lights, lighted branches, and additional unique ideas bring serenity to outdoor weddings. Flowers grace the brides bouquet, head table vases, flower girl hair bands - dont pass on adding lighted flowers to bushes and tables as well.

  • Flower lights can be nestled in shrubs to bring floral accents to any venue
  • Create buds in trees by wrapping trees in brown or green wire mini lights, and hanging lights from tree branches
  • Create a firefly look by hanging mason jars filled with mini or fairy lights, with flowers wrapped around wiring

Party and Patio Lights

Hang clear or white party bulbs from patio light stringers for evening events, and to accent lanterns and spheres. Party bulbs make ideal summer wedding lights.

Popular ideas include combining patio light bulbs with lanterns or stars. Patio lights can be used to create a ceiling of lights, or in zig zags for a festive design.

Craft Lights

Craft lights are a wedding planners best friend, and are very popular in DIY wedding lighting as well.

Battery operated lights can be used in covered areas, on tables, in centerpiece bowls, around picture frames, cakes, and in crafts. Innovative ideas to add decorative elegance with craft lights:

  • Weave LED lit ribbon and fairy lights within bridal flower bouquets and use to light floral or vase centerpieces
  • Place battery operated LED willow branches or other lighted branches in decorative pots covered in shimmering fabric or in vases in bare corners
  • Wrap battery operated mini lights around the vanity in the bride's fitting room to get a classic photo of the bride preparing for her nuptials

LED Lighting for Weddings

LED lighting for weddings is a great way to add brightness to a wedding. The advantage with using LED strings is that you are able to run more lights, resulting in greater lengths and less wires. Great uses for LED lighting includes:

  • Lighting the DJ booth - Highlight the DJ during the reception with strings of cool white LEDs.
  • Lighting the dance floor - Use cool white LEDs mixed with your wedding colors to create excitement on the dance floor. Line the floor with LEDs or hang them above the dance floor on the ceiling.

Best of wishes from Christmas Lights, Etc. in planning your big day!

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Mini Lights

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One of the most popular lights for weddings, mini lights are great for head tables, aisle lighting, and more.

Icicle Lights

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Create lighted backdrops, surround tables, and make lighted ceilings for your wedding reception with icicle lights.

Battery Operated Lights

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Craft lights can light any area without restriction due to their battery packs. Decorate wedding centerpieces and more.

Flameless Candles

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Flameless flicker of a real flame and the same wax look are perfect for using as unity candles.

LED Lights

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Run more strings of lights with LEDs. Warm white, cool white, and LEDs with bright colors to match your wedding.

Patio Strings and Bulbs

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Patio Strings and Bulbs in LED are great for indoor or outdoor weddings. String above the dance floor or wedding hall.