Artificial Christmas Tree FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do inclue extra bulbs and fuses with each tree.
LED lights use only 10-20% of the energy that incandescent bulbs do, saving you energy and attributing to a longer life span. Our LEDs share the same warm white color with incandescent bulbs, and are a bit brighter in contrast.
Call Customer Service at (866) 962-7382. A representative will speak with you about your options.
Tree height is measured from the floor to the top of the tree, while tree width is measured at the base of the tree by pulling branches at the widest point flat. The branches are then measured tip to tip to determine tree width.
For PVC trees, a higher tip count appears fuller and thus more realistic.
TruTip™ technology contains PE needles injected into molds from live trees to create the most realistic artificial tree appearance. To learn more about TruTip™ technology, visit
Many of our trees are molded directly from real trees and thus have a natural appearance. To find the perfect tree for you, check out the Tree Finder.
Our trees contain technology that keep the other bulbs lit if one goes out. If you feel that something is wrong with your lights, you can contact our customer service department.
Heat, sun, and dust are harmful to trees. To prolong the life of your tree, store them in Tree Bags when not in use. This keeps them from damage during the year.
No, our trees are meant for long lasting use and do not shed their needles.
Our trees contain hinged construction so that the branch folds up and down without separating from the trunk. This makes assembly and storage easy.
The only one of our trees that can be used outdoors besides the commercial tree options is the Sequoia Fir.
A tree's profile is the overall shape of the tree. For instance, a full profile tree is thicker than a pencil profile tree. Profiles are defined as Full, Medium, Slender, and Pencil, going from thickest to thinnest.
Yes, we have a 10 year manufacturer warranty on our trees. To learn more about Christmas Lights, Etc's policy, read the Artificial Christmas Tree Warranty.


If there are any questions you have that are not discussed here, please visit us on Twitter and ask us about it. We would be happy to assist you.