Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas add flair to the roof lines, walkways, and bushes of any home. Wrap trees with lights and hang Christmas wreaths and garland on front doors to welcome all in good cheer. Whether adding to your outdoor mega display, or planning to outline the roof of a new home, our lighting ideas will help you illuminate with design.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for the Roof

Decorate roof lines with C9 bulbs, icicle lights, and other outdoor Christmas lights ideas for the roof.

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C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Video Series

Trying to learn about LEDs vs. incandescent? How about C7 vs. C9 bulbs? Learn more about it all with our video series.

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Christmas Yard Decorating Ideas

How many ornaments does your tree need? We answer with ornament size and count recommendations.

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How Many Lights for Trees?

Outdoor and Christmas tree light charts help you calculate light needs based on bulb size and tree type.

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Wrapping Trees with Lights

What are the best Christmas lights for wrapping outdoor trees? Let us guide you in lights and technique.

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Christmas Greenery Decorations

Decorate columns, windows and doors with the right size Christmas wreaths and garland.

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Outdoor and Patio Lighting Ideas

Illuminate your outdoor living space and entertain guests with patio lights all year.

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How to Plan and Hang Patio Lights

DIY help on improving patios with the best outdoor cafe lights and patio strings.

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