DIY Christmas Lights Planning

Whether decorating your house modestly or creating a Christmas lights mega display, planning is one step you cannot skip. Learn how to plan like professional installers, choose lights for your house, and find out how many lights you need for a particular application. Then, let the fun begin and create a design that will illuminate the entire neighborhood with unique decorating ideas!

Planning Help

Power Planning

How Much Electricity

How much power do Christmas lights use? Find out more about Christmas lights power consumption and anticipate your electric costs this season! Read More...

How Many Watts/Amps Do Christmas Lights Use

Don't blow your fuse. Learn about Christmas lights watts and amps, and how much it costs to power them. Read More...

Measure And DIY

How Many Lights For Trees?

How many lights do you need to wrap trees? Use the Light Calculation page to determine your required number Christmas lights. Read More...

Christmas Greenery Decorations

Love Christmas greenery? Find inspiration with our fun and unique Christmas wreath and garland decorating ideas! Read More...

Christmas Light Clips Guide

Illuminate your house like a pro with Christmas light clips. Determine the best clips for your hanging surface and make light installation a snap this year! Read More..


Hanging Christmas Lights on Gutters

Follow our step by step guide to make hanging lights from gutters easy and ensure lights stay put when you choose the right gutter clip for your project. View the possibilities! Read More..

Christmas Lights Visual Guide

Take a look at our large selection of Christmas light styles, learn about the different sizes available, best applications, and what strings and spools work with each. Read More...

Rope Light Instructions

Get familiar with this flexible tube light then use it to illuminate walkways, create custom lighting projects, or shape rope light into Christmas decor.

Energy Efficiency

LED Christmas Lights Guide

Energy saving, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and true to color, LEDs have a long list of benefits. Read More...

Retrofit LED Light Bulbs

Ready to retire your old incandescent bulbs? Now you can replace them with LED bulbs and still keep the same strings. Read More...

Commercial LED Christmas Lights

Designed for heavy use and harsh environments, Commercial LED Christmas Lights are for experienced professionals. Read More...

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