Christmas Lights Installation Help

How to Install Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Clips

Knowing how to install Christmas lights allows you to have the best lit house on the block. Installation is made easy with light stakes along the walkways and Christmas light clips securing light strings to the roofline. With a quick how-to guide or chart helping you find the bulb or color theme that is best for you, you will be able to start showing others how to install Christmas lights like a pro. Create a light display that the entire neighborhood will envy this year.

7 Steps to Hanging Lights Like a Pro

Are you planning to hang outdoor lights this holiday? Learn how to install Christmas lights like a professional.

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Hanging Christmas Lights on Gutters

Gutter clips make hanging lights from gutters easy. View the possibilities!

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Wrapping Trees with Lights

Create a stunning masterpiece by wrapping outdoor trees and branches with lights. Amaze and dazzle with technique and results.

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Christmas Light Clips Chart

Illuminate your house like a pro with Christmas light clips. Clips make light installation a snap.

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How to Splice Wires

Wire can be cut and connected for custom light projects. Learn how easy it is to make customized light strings.

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Rope Light Instructions

Get familiar with this flexible tube light, and use to install, or shape into Christmas decor.

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