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Christmas Lights

mini lights

Mini Lights

  • Christmas Light Colors: Clear, White, Multicolored, All Colors
  • Wire Colors: Green, White, Brown
  • Light Display Options: Steady, Twinkle, Chasing
led christmas lights

LED Christmas Lights

  • LED Christmas Lights offer terrific energy efficiency, convenient installation and superior brightness.
  • Choose from LED Mini Lights, C7, C9, Net Lights, Icicle Lights and more.
  • Great for all Christmas decorating needs: trees, bushes, roof line.
icicle lights and led icicles

Icicle Lights

  • Create a wintry snowscape with quick-hanging icicle lights.
  • Various colors and styles in LED and incandescent icicles for a unique light display.
  • Hang icicle lights along rooflines and windows to create a winter wonderland.
Christmas Net Lights

Net Lights and Tree Wraps

  • Net lights are the convenient, worry free solution to your outdoor decorating needs.
  • Available in a variety of bulb colors and sizes with options in incandescent and LED to suit any decor theme.
  • Create quick and uniform lighting for your holiday displays or at your next outdoor gathering when you drape net lights across bushes and shrubs or wrap them around trunks and branches.
C7 C9 bulbs and strings

C7 / C9 Christmas Lights

  • C7 and C9 bulbs are a popular outdoor Christmas lights offering superior brightness.
  • Customize displays with LED or traditional C7/C9 bulbs or use pre lamped sets for fast installation.
  • Choose 1.5" C7 bulbs or larger 2.5" C9 bulbs for your roofline or walkway.
Christmas Twinkle Mini Lights

Twinkle Lights / Animated

  • Liven up your light display with the mesmerizing dance of twinkle lights.
  • Available in all your favorite styles with a little sparkle added to create animated light shows
  • Use twinkle lights anywhere an element of fun is needed! Controllers allow you to sync lights to music and create unique lighting effects.
rope lights

Rope Light

  • Versatile and fun for every season! Rope light is a great choice for custom projects.
  • Incandescent and LED tube light in popular colors. Choose steady light or create visual effects with the use of a controller.
  • Mold rope light into various shapes to create unique light designs or use as ambient room lighting.
Party Lights

Patio String Lights and Bulbs

  • The party planner and landscape designer's secret to creating elegant ambiance and sophisticated charm in outdoor settings.
  • Complete your patio quickly with prelamped strings or customize your design with DIY patio lights.
  • Cast a warm glow over intimate event spaces and outdoor gatherings with patio lights.
garland lights

Garland Lights

  • Garland lights create sophisticated holiday lighting in an effortless installation process.
  • Choose from mini lights or energy efficient LEDs available in unique color and wire combinations.
  • Use garland lights and beaded light curtains inside or outdoor to add unique style to any design theme.
white wire Christmas lights

White Christmas Lights

  • Simply chic white Christmas lights are the foundation for any classic Christmas display.
  • Available in incandescent and LED bulbs with multiple sizes and light features.
  • White lights create flawless, elegant lighting indoors and outdoors and are a perfect complement to any wedding decor style.
Snowfall icicle lights

LED Cascade and Snowfall Lights

  • Simulate falling snow with the dripping LED light effect of Grand Cascade lights.
  • Colorful cascading lights and molded icicle bulbs.
  • Use as outdoor Christmas lights to create eye catching displays.
battery operated lights

Battery Operated Lights

  • Battery Powered Holiday and Wedding Lights
  • Candles for windows, mantles, and centerpieces
  • Minilights, LEDs, and more offer freedom in decorating
tree lights

Christmas Tree Lights

Selection of the most popular tree lights on our site.
  • Wire Colors: Green, White
  • Lights: 20 - 100ct, Clear, Multi
  • Lengths: 8' - 50'L
Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights

  • Huge selection of Outdoor Christmas Lights
  • Net Lights, LED Strings, Minilights, Rope Lighting, Stars, and Spheres
  • Lighting decor options for Commercial or Residential
outdoor christmas decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

  • Rope Light Motifs for yards and rooftops
  • Lighted Topiary and Grapevine animals
  • Outdoor Christmas decor for kids and adults
  • Popular Santa, reindeer, snowmen, stars and more for outdoor display
christmas light clips

Christmas Light Clips & Hangers

  • All styles of Christmas light clips
  • Gutter clips, shingle clips, siding hooks and specialty light clips
  • Choose from permanent or temporary installation
  • Hang Christmas lights like a pro!