Patio String Lights and Bulbs

Patio Lights Paradise

Expecting guests and need a quick way to re-energize your outdoor gathering space? Hang patio lights!

If your motive is practical or purely aesthetic, patio string lights have a way of breathing new life into tired spaces while providing an opportunity to transition outdoor living areas into the evening hours with ease. Choose patio string lights and bulbs to match your personal style and complement your space.

Patio Lights Hanging Across Backyard Trees

Patio Light Combinations

Festive, Fun

Outdoor Party Lights

There is no other lighting quite as versatile as string lights. Mini light strings, icicle lights and patio string lights can be used for many occasions ranging from holidays to weddings to backyard parties. And the variety of options gives you choices that will fit any space. Between incandescent or LED bulbs, different bulb sizes and styles as well as different types of light stringers, there are hundreds of ways to decorate with string lights! These are just a few of our favorite ideas for enhancing outdoor parties and events with string lights.

Tip: For outdoor spaces requiring a large number of lights, consider using LED patio bulbs and LED string lights to help keep power costs low and ensure your lights stay on. Visit our light wattage calculation page to determine your power needs.

Decorative Patio Light Accents

Complete your patio light paradise by adding decorative accents to your outdoor living area. Hanging multicolored lights for a summer party? Place a lighted palm tree or glowing pink flamingos in the yard to enhance your outdoor oasis. Need outdoor lighting for a wedding or event? Clear globe lights are a classic choice for event lighting and pair perfectly with candle lanterns to provide quick and elegant illumination virtually anywhere. Hang clear globe lights above your outdoor event space and place candle lanterns on shepherds hooks along a pathway to add a cozy glow to a dinner party or outdoor event.

Globe Light Bulb Finish Options

Globe Light Goodness

Patio lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which can add ambience to an indoor or outdoor space. However, globe lights are by far the most iconic of patio light styles and likely the first option that comes to mind when considering outdoor string lighting for your home. Globe lights are availalble in several sizes with finishes to complement any setting. Globe light finishes include classic transparent and faceted bulbs, pearlescent or satin globes which are popular at weddings and events, and opaque finish globe lights for backyard party lighting.

Commercial Patio Lights

Large scale projects require reliable lighting, and that's where commercial grade patio string lights shine. Commercial grade patio string lights are constructed with heavy duty wiring, ideal for long term outdoor use. E17 and E26 patio light bulbs screw into commercial grade stringers to create high impact lighting across special events, patio dining areas and outdoor living spaces.