Sequoia Commercial Christmas Tree

The Sequoia Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Offers:

  • Extra thick needles and strong tips
  • Clear incandescent bulbs
  • 6.5 ft - 14 ft
  • Rich green foliage
  • Full or slender profile available
  • 6'' spacing from floor to branches
Sequoia Fir
Sequoia Fir
Sequoia Fir
Sequoia Fir
10 Year Tree Warranty 10 YEAR TREE WARRANTY
Offering the best tree guarantee in the industry!

Available Sizes

Ht (ft) Price Sale  
6.5 $529.00 $429.00 Add to Cart
7.5 $869.00 Add to Cart
7.5 $559.00 Add to Cart
7.5 $489.00 Add to Cart
7.5 $749.00 $599.00 Add to Cart
8.5 $1,089.00 Add to Cart
8.5 $1,239.00 Add to Cart
9.5 $919.00 Add to Cart
9.5 $1,379.00 Add to Cart
9.5 $839.00 Add to Cart
12 $1,249.00 Add to Cart
12 $1,559.00 Add to Cart
12 $2,179.00 Add to Cart
14 $2,699.00 Add to Cart

About The Sequoia Commercial Christmas Tree

Displayed in elegant upscale homes across the country, the Sequoia Fir tree can be used both indoors and outdoors. Incredibly thick with high tip counts, each tree tip features long needles and extra durable 2-ply PVC rated for commercial use. It is ideal for hanging heavy ornaments.

Sequoia Fir Prelit Elegance:

  • Elegant and full tree shape
  • Extra strong tips, needles and branches for hanging collectibles
  • Clear lights dazzle with high light counts
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor display
  • Hinged expandable tree branches
  • Extra durable wreath and garland available

The Sequoia Fir tree is an elegant attestation to the combination of strength and beauty. Lower branches are expandable, and reach low to the ground with an average of 6'' spacing from floor to branches. A beautifully lit tree, the Sequoia Fir boasts high light counts, with heavy gauge wiring and the promise that if one light goes out, the rest remain lit. Strong metal branches display heavy ornaments, which are showcased in rick dark green tip coloring. When quality, strength, and beauty are required with heavy duty wiring and structural components, the Sequoia Fir is the perfect tree. Traditional and full in shape, and lush green in color, this is a tree that can withstand outdoor elements, bear the weight of heavy precious ornaments, and stand tall and majestic in any home or environment.