Rope Light FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Rope light is decorative light rope made of clear PVC tubing. It is bright and flexible, making it the ideal material to create signs, motifs, line buildings and swirl around poles or trees. Rope light spools can be cut at intervals to get the perfect length for creative decorating.
Rope light wiring can vary from 2-wire to 5-wire. 2-wire rope light has two wires that make one complete circuit, and the entire rope light will be either on or off. 3-wire rope light has 3 wires, and makes 2 complete circuits, allowing for more variety in the flow of light. With a controller, the lights can be sequenced to create moving and chasing effects. 4-wire and 5-wire rope light have more circuits, offering even more elaborate animation effects.
Typically only 3-wire, 4-wire or 5-wire offer the chasing feature. To achieve functions such as chasing, you will need a controller.
Precut lengths of rope light for smaller applications, with mounting clips and power plug included. An individual kit can be connected to another rope light, but should not be cut.
Yes, a standard light dimmer works with rope light, but you must verify that the dimmer is capable of supporting the wattage of rope light you are using.
Yes, spools of rope light can be cut. Read more about Rope Light Instructions to learn how to cut rope light.
Maximum runs depend on the voltage and type of rope light being used, as well as the amp capacity of the power plug and controller. LynxLite LED rope light allows for the longest lengths possible. See the Rope Lighting Guide for more specifications.
120 volt rope light plugs into a standard outlet and the power is sent through the rope light. 12V rope uses less voltage by running the power through a converter. 12V is ideal for boats, parade floats or any mobile device.
1/2" rope light is the standard for most projects. 3/8" diameter offers thin tube lighting for more detailed patterns and designs on a sign or motif, good for bending, small shapes, tighter corners.
Mounting clips can be glued or screwed in on the mounting surface. Just snap the rope light into the clips once they are mounted. For more precise tracking of the rope light, use a channel in either 3/8" or 1/2" size, depending on the width of the rope light. One clip per foot of rope light is recommended.
We do not cut samples for customers at this time. You are welcome to purchase a 12' foot rope light kit if you want to try a smaller length first.
With each spool of rope light, standard accessories to power three separate runs of light are included: 3 each of power cord,s mounting clips and end caps.
An unlit section can be fixed by removing that section (cutting in the proper locations) and splicing in a new section or connecting the two remaining sections together.
Yes, as long as the voltage, size, and number of wires match. You can join rope lights using an Inline Splice, an Invisible Inline Splice, or a T connector, to join two or more different colors together.


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