Rope Light

Create a custom Christmas light display or unique year round decor with the flexibility and durable construction of traditional incandescent and energy efficient rope lights.

Rope light are produced using crystal clear PVC tubing. Our LynxLite rope light material is flexible and can be bent into many shapes and cut in regular intervals according to the cutting unit of the different models. Create steady lighting or flashing effects with a controller, and choose from a variety of rich colors for all your lighting needs.

12 volt rope light are great for illuminating boats and parade floats, and LED rope lights help save energy costs. Rope Lights are easy to use in multiple applications from lighting up the edges of buildings, to making promotional signs, decorating for the holidays or wrapping trees and columns. Use smaller retail packages available in 12-30' of light to decorate sports parties in your favorite team colors or for ambient room lighting year round. Learn more with our Rope Light Guide.

LynxLite rope light is a bendable PVC tube containing bulbs spaced 1" apart within the tube. Cut lengths on spools allow for complete customization for projects. Smaller retail packages are available in 12-30' of light.

How do I cut rope light?

Use a sharp blade and cut at designated cut marks. Splice and PVC connectors allow cuts of rope light to connect, or use power cords and end caps to complete the run. Always cut rope light unplugged, and do not plug rope light in while it is still on the spool.

What is LED rope light?

LED rope light uses energy efficient light omitting diodes that are shaped in either a round or conical shape to radiate light from within the tube. Concave LED shape allows for a greater distribution of light, resulting in increased brightness. LED accessories are designed to power and control LED rope light specifically, although splice connectors, end caps and other non-power accessories can be used on either LED or incandescent rope lighting.

Does rope light twinkle or chase?

Rope light can twinkle or chase based on the product's specifications. 2-wire rope light is traditionally steady, although LED 2-wire rope light has become available with chasing and twinkle capabilities, based on sku. 3, 4, and 5-wire rope light are all available with the option for chasing and animated effects, provided they are connected to a controller. Without the use of a rope light controller, 3, 4, and 5-wire tubes will remain steady.