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Giant Christmas Tree Assembly
Commercial Giant Everest Tree Assembly

Commercial Christmas trees light up the holidays for towns, cities, churches, parks, malls, and hotels across the world. Our Giant Everest commercial Christmas tree is named after the tallest mountain in the world because this tree can grow to a towering 50' tall. Giant Everest trees tower over the competition in terms of reliability, quality and durability, and we have a long list of happy customers who have provided pictures and are willing to provide references.

The Commercial Giant Everest tree is available with a variety of lighting options. Our giant trees are available with clear or multicolor lamps, incandescent or LED, with bulb sizes including mini, 5MM, C7, C9, and round G20. Consult with your electrician for power requirements and connections. Giant Everest commercial trees start at 14 feet in size and get as tall as 50 feet. Many customers start with the smaller 14' tree and add a ring each year, allowing the tree to increase in size each year at an affordable annual price.

Assembly Instructions for the Commercial Giant Everest Tree

1. It is important to know that each ring is labeled alphabetically, with the smallest ring being Level A. The 14' Giant Everest will consist of only two rings, A and B. The 17' tree will have three rings labeled A, B, and C. Each size increase comes with an additional ring, and each ring is larger in size than the level before it. B is larger than A, C is larger than B, and so on.

2. Unwrap metal framework from its protective covering, keeping in place the hangtag label. If cutting the protective covering with a knife, use caution to not cut electrical wiring or excessively scratch frame. Hardware for connecting framework will be attached to each piece of framework under the protective covering.

Giant Trees Closeup
Giant Everest Rings

3. Completely assemble the metal framework of the tree. Bolt ring sections (levels) together using hardware provided (metal plate and two bolts). One piece of the plate is welded to the frame, and its matching piece should be attached with the bolts.

4. Level A (smallest) and B are each one piece.

5. After each level is assembled (horizontally), begin stacking levels (vertically) on top of each other using the largest level you have for your tree at the base, and level A at the top.

6. Attach the assembly plates to the stacking frames as you progress upward. Be sure to keep the electrical wiring free of the plate so it is not pinched.

7. Make all electrical connections within levels. Connect vertical harness plugs from each level to your power supply. Consult a qualified electrician to assure adequate electrical service is available to avoid overloaded circuits.


8. Insert treetop (3 pcs) into top section (A) and plug into outlet available in section A. Lighted branches are all the same size. You can use any lighted branch in any section of the frame from top to bottom. Shape the branches and insert individually starting at the top level and working your way down. Plug each branch into the level that it is attached. Stack light set plugs if necessary.

9. You will have numerous unlit branches that are smaller than the lighted branches. These unlit branches are to be placed around the base to hide the frame. If the tree is to be used outdoors, you may consider placing cable ties (not included) around the branch/frame connection to further secure branches in place.


10. If the tree is to be used outdoors, select a site that is flat and level. Anchor the tree to prevent unwanted movement inclement weather. Three O-type connections are permanently welded to the framework in the top section of the tree. Running a guide wire through each of the O-type connections and securing the wire at the base of the tree will insure the tree does not move when fully assembled and decorated. Securing the tree with the wire should be accomplished prior to attachment of the branches to allow maximum accessibility to the inner portion of the tree. The triangulation effect of securing the tree with the guide wires at the base of the tree will insure your tree will not move. Be sure the anchoring method you use is securely fastened in the ground prior to attaching the guide wire from the tree. You may consider placing cable ties (not included) around the branch/frame connection to further secure the branches in place.

Commercial Giant Everest trees are expandable to 50 feet in increments of three feet. Call to place an order or for additional information today at 866-962-7382.