Energy Star Mission is proud to offer energy saving products that carry the ENERGY STAR label, such as Wintergreen Lighting LED light strings. ENERGY STAR qualified products and practices meet strict energy efficiency guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. ENERGY STAR products help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as save money through superior energy performance in residential and commercial buildings. The average home is responsible for more than twice the greenhouse gas emissions than the average car. To learn more about ENERGY STAR products and practices and changes you can adopt, please visit the ENERGY STAR website.


Energy Star Lights

In order for a product to receive the ENERGY STAR label, specific qualifications must be met. These include:

  • Nationwide energy savings must be possible
  • The products must deliver all of the same features as their less efficient counterparts. Increasing energy savings can not result in decreased product performance.
  • If initial costs are higher, investments must be recovered through decreased utility bills in a timely manner
  • Testing must prove a savings in energy consumption and verify product performance levels


According to the ENERGY STAR website, even changes like switching to ENERGY STAR qualified decorative light strings would reduce over 700 million kWh of electricity per year, and greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by the equivalent of 660,000 cars. Imagine the savings once larger appliances, as well as decorative holiday items like Christmas trees and palm trees, are all Energy Star rated.

Our products showing the ENERGY STAR label can be found throughout our website. Our ENERGY STAR rated products are manufactured by Wintergreen Lighting, carry an excellent manufacturer warranty, and include the best LED light bulbs available on the market. Look for the ENERGY STAR label and learn the facts before making your purchasing decision! Our rated LED lights are certified by Energy Star to reduce energy maintenance and cooling costs. Wintergreen LED Lights are durable, don't break like traditional bulbs, and are guaranteed to last. When you purchase an ENERGY STAR rated LED light string, you are purchasing a product you can trust in. offers LED Mini Lights, Icicle Lights, Net Lights, and energy efficient bulbs to help save energy through various applications, as well as LED Christmas Trees to help cut costs through the holiday decorating season.

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