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Click here for more outdoor christmas decorating ideas!

Click here for more indoor christmas decorating ideas!

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

DIY Christmas Projects

Artificial Christmas Tree Resources and Tips

LED Christmas Lights

  • LED Christmas Lights Guide - Learn about the style options and energy saving benefits of LED Christmas lights.
  • Retrofit LED Lights - Make switching to LEDs even easier. Existing incandescent bulbs can be replaced with LED replacements - just choose bulbs using the same base size as your existing sockets.
  • Decorating with LED Fairy Lights - LED fairy lights are incredibly small but amazingly bright, can be used almost anywhere and are so easy to work with!

Christmas Light Installation and Help

Christmas Lights & Greenery Installation

All Season Installation Tips

  • Christmas Lights Wattage - Answers the popular question: "How many watts / amps do my Christmas lights use?" Learn more about calculating wattage and amps.
  • Christmas Lights Power Consumption - Calculate electricity costs for your lights.
  • How Many Lights for Trees - Helps in determining how many lights are needed for both indoor Christmas trees and outdoor trees. Light count charts list recommended light counts for different height trees and bulb sizes.
  • Wrapping Trees with Lights - Includes both indoor Christmas trees and outdoor trees and bushes, offers tips and step by step instructions.
  • How to Make Custom Christmas Lights - In this guide we'll show you the best ways to create a custom Christmas light display perfectly tailored to your home!


Wholesale and Commercial

Halloween Light Decorating Ideas

Patio Lights Installation and Ideas

Rope Light Resources and Instructions

  • Outdoor Lighting with Rope Light - Go beyond the ordinary and learn three simple ways to use rope light in your next outdoor living project.
  • Rope Lighting Guide - Detailed specifications to help beginners determine which rope light is the best option for various projects. Learn about voltage, selection, and common uses of rope light.
  • Rope Light Instructions - How to properly cut and shape rope light. Learn about cut marks, applications, and useful accessories.