LED Christmas Lights Guide

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Feb 10, 2020

Most people know that LED Christmas lights save a lot of electricity but there are many more reasons to consider making the switch. According to a nationwide survey conducted by Christmas Lights, Etc of over 2,000 Christmas consumers, 57% now prefer LEDs over incandescent. Here's why:

Connect More Light Strings

You can typically connect 8 to 10 times more LED light strings together end to end while only using one plug outlet. Most traditional Christmas mini lights allow you to connect only 4 or 5 sets end to end, but with many LED mini light strings you can connect 40 to 50+ together depending on the light count. This makes decorating large Christmas displays far easier.

Cool to the Touch

LEDs produce next to no heat, which means they're always cool to the touch and safe for children and animals to be around all season.

Visually Unparalleled

LED bulbs produce a brighter more vivid light than traditional incandescent bulbs. The light output is stunning and one of the most complimented aspects of LED lights in customer reviews!

Incredibly Long Life

Many LED light sets are rated to last tens of thousands of hours, which is well beyond a traditional set of incandescent mini lights that typically may last only a season or two.

Advanced Technology, Innovative Designs

LEDs are available in a kaleidoscope of colors and several varieties even feature unique light display capabilities such as being dimmable and color changing. The newest RGB LEDs are even capable of thousands of light color combinations!

Bottomline: LED lights are much easier to use for large Christmas displays, they are safer, they last longer, they produce more vivid color and use up to 90% less energy. Now you know why so many people have already made the switch.

Wide Angle 5mm LED Mini Lights- The 5mm LED bulb is smaller than your traditional mini light yet its concave lens produces a very popular starburst light halo that disperses light uniformly in all directions. 5mm led minis are popular for wrapping indoor and outdoor trees, wreaths and garland.

M5 Mini Lights & T5 Mini Lights- New technology, timeless design. An instant classic! M5 & T5 LEDs are your replacement for older style incandescent mini lights and work well when wrapped around greenery, porch columns, and indoor trees.

G12 Raspberry Lights Whether they remind you of raspberries or gum drops, G12 LED light strings are certainly a fun addition to any colorful and unique design theme! Dont let these mini globes fool you, their diamond faceted bulb design creates a radiant light halo. Trim the tree, light up bushes or wrap G12 LEDs around columns and railings.

C6 Strawberry LED Lights- C6 LED mini lights are a decorator's dream! C6 light strings are popular for illuminating bushes and trees because of their unique strawberry shape. They are also used for indoor decorating and as party or wedding accent lighting.

C7 & C9 LED Christmas Lights- While searching for C7 and C9 light strings it is very likely that you will come across the phrase "prelamped LEDs" - this means that the bulbs are not removable from the string. Prelamped LED strings are very convenient because they come ready to hang out of the package which makes for faster installation. Additionally, these LED outdoor Christmas lights are a budget friendly option for anyone who wants to make the switch to LEDs and does not plan on changing their light colors or display for several years. C7 & C9 LED string lights are a popular choice for lighting the roof, outlining the yard, and wrapping large outdoor trees.

C7/C9 Replacement Bulbs- Many people prefer the ability to change their C7 or C9 light bulbs, however most pre-packaged light sets have these bulbs hard wired together. While that makes it easier to place lights on your house, it also limits your ability swap colors or replace bulbs if you need to. There are a wide variety of LED C7 and C9 replacement bulbs but they are not all created equal.

Less expensive versions may use older generation LEDs or less diodes which means you'll have weaker lights. Newer technology LED C7 and C9 bulbs like the Opti-Core™ LED and Vintage Style FlexFilament™ light bulbs feature advanced LED technology and better bulb lenses to create brighter and more vivid colors. They also dim better, which is a plus for light control. If you want to change your light colors or swap bulbs from Christmas to summer patio lighting, getting stringers with replacement bulbs is the best option for you.

Opticore™ LED Christmas Lights

  • Commercial grade bulbs with superior optics
  • Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED Technology
  • Extremely durable pure polycarbonate lens
  • C7, C9 & G50 Bulb Styles
  • Smooth & Faceted bulb finishes

FlexFilament™ LED Christmas Lights

  • Vintage style visible filament bulbs
  • Curved filaments lined with LED diodes
  • Glass and acrylic lens options
  • C7, C9, Globe Patio & Edison Bulb Styles
  • Smooth & Transparent Bulb Finishes

Net Lights & Trunk Wraps- LED net lights and trunk wraps are the ideal solution when quick and even light coverage is needed. Net lights offer a convenient way to wrap bushes and shrubs while trunk wraps are great for covering tree trunks and/or branches. Visit our net light installation guide to learn more!

LED Icicle Lights- One of the most popular LED outdoor Christmas light styles for lining the roof has been making its way indoors as ambient bedroom lighting and is becoming increasingly popular for creating a romantic atmosphere at weddings too! LED icicle lights are available in a wide variety of solid colors, plus fun combinations like red and green for Christmas and even orange and purple for Halloween!

LED Icicle Lights Lighting a Backyard Deck
LED Icicle Lights Lighting a Backyard Deck

Grand Cascades & Falling Icicles- An animated twist on traditional icicle string lights! Falling icicle bulbs can be used in C7 and C9 stringers to mimic falling snow and dripping ice. Grand Cascade light tubes contain a row of diodes which light up and then descend, creating the effect of shooting stars and snow showers!

LED Rope Light- Wrap it up or lay it out! Long lasting LED rope light stays cool to the touch and, with a bulb every inch, it shines exceptionally bright! DIY decorators love the flexibility of tube lighting to create custom motifs and signs. LED rope light is also a popular solution for lining walkways, decks, or stairs, and works great indoors as accent or cove lighting. Visit our Rope Light Guide to learn more!

LED Rope Light Used as Walkway Lighting
LED Rope Light Used as Walkway Lighting

LED Strip Light - Versatile indoor lighting in an easy to use design. Just remove the adhesive backing and stick on any hard surface to brighten your home or office with white and rgb led strip lights.

RGB LED Strip Light
RGB LED Strip Light

Battery Operated LED Mini Lights- Illuminate anything, anywhere! Thanks to the minimal amount of energy used by LEDs, batteries last long than ever in this efficient and versatile lighting solution. Choose battery operated LED mini lights to brighten craft projects, Christmas wreaths and centerpiece decorations.

Fairy Lights- Small but mighty fairy lights feature tiny bulbs, but don't let their size fool you, they produce incredibly bright, glowing light! Choose both battery operated and new plug in options on either silver or green wire to wrap around greenery, illuminate glass jars or brighten craft projects.

Fairy Lights Christmas Centerpiece Decoration
Fairy Lights Christmas Centerpiece Decoration
Mason Jar with LED Fairy Lights
Mason Jar with LED Fairy Lights

SoftTwinkle™ LED String lights are a new style of animated light that creates a gentle, shimmering effect as opposed to the "blinking" which is often associated with traditional twinkle lights. These new LED lights are designed to fade on and off slowly to create a pleasant pulsation that's incredibly beautiful for decorating both inside and outside the home. Watch the video below to find out more about SoftTwinkle™ LED lights and to see them in action!

The most popular LED Christmas light colors are warm white or cool white and the decision for many people simply comes down to preference and color scheme.

Cozy and Inviting: Warm White led lights illuminate indoor spaces with a soft glow that is most often associated with traditional mini lights. These cozy hued bulbs look great indoors and outdoors and can be used just about anywhere. Warm white bulbs are an excellent color complement to Christmas decorating that uses gold ornaments, ribbons and accents.

Vivid and Bright: Cool White LED lights are often chosen when people want to achieve a more snow white tone or if they are creating color patterns. For example, cool white LEDs are popular with red and white or blue and white holiday themes. They are also very popular as a complement to silver accent colors with Christmas tree bulbs or ribbon.

Our Wintergreen Lighting LED Christmas lights feature color-infused lenses, which means the coloration is throughout the entire bulb rather than just a coating. This means the color won't chip, crack or fade and the coloration is rich and vibrant . If you want a vivid hue, getting a light set that's designed to produce great color throughout is key.

We want you to have the best LED Christmas lights...period. Which is why we feature Wintergreen Lighting LED string lights and bulbs, which are the best in the business. When you're making a decision on your next set of LED string lights, please consider the following.

Wintergreen Lighting LED String Lights:

  • 3-year warranty
  • UL certified and ENERGY STAR rated
  • Patented one-piece construction keeps moisture out
  • Fully rectified, which eliminates flickering
  • Color infused bulbs that don't chip, crack or fade
  • Nickel plated contacts for the best connectivity
  • Dimmable for brightness control
  • Rated up to 100,000 hours of use

Wintergreen Lighting C7 and C9 LED Bulbs:

  • 1-year warranty.
  • 3x-5x more diodes than traditional LED bulbs
  • Color infused bulbs that don't chip, fade or crack
  • Unequaled brightness and color
  • Nickel plated bulb bases prevent corrosion
  • Dimmable for brightness control
  • Rated up to 60,000 hours
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