How to Decorate with Christmas Greenery

By Kristie Nelson | Updated Mar 29, 2024

During Christmas, your home is a winter wonderland, and greenery can make a home lively and elegant. While the Christmas tree is usually the decorative focal point, there are plenty of other greenery options to complement your tree and pull your design together. Prelit garland and wreaths save the time and effort of stringing lights, and our greenery gives a fresh look to any house or business. Use greenery to liven up any area for the holidays.


Decorating With Wreaths

Our Christmas wreaths range in size from 24" to 12' and can fit in any area. They're great for doors, windows, walls, mantles, columns and posts. Wreath hangers can be used to hang wreaths in many of these locations, and extendable floor hangers allow wreaths to be setup anywhere from tabletops to floor spaces.

How to Choose the Correct Wreath Size:

  • Choose where you want to place the wreath
  • Measure the area
  • Choose a wreath smaller than the total area of the measured space

If your door is 35.5" wide, you'd want a wreath smaller than that measurement. A 30" wreath would be lovely on the door, while a 24" might be dwarfed by the large door size. A 36" wreath would be too large and look unsightly as well as make the door difficult to open and close. Make sure that no matter where you hang your wreath, the width of the greenery is always smaller than the width of the hanging surface.

Christmas Bow Sizing

For Christmas bows, take half of the size of the wreath and choose a bow approximately that size. In our example, we have a 30" wreath. Half of the 30" is 15", so a 14" to 16" bow would look nice. Bows can be positioned at the top or bottom, center or hanging off to the side of the wreath for an asymmetrical look.

Other Wreath Decorating Ideas

  • Rustic Theme Using Pinecones, Berries and Burlap
  • Feathers and Beads
  • Silk flowers such as poinsettias
  • Christmas Ornaments tucked among the branches
  • Decorative Christmas ribbon or ribbon lights.

Decorating With Garland

Our Christmas garland comes in varying thickness depending on the length of the needles. Plush garland is great for fence posts, mantles, columns or posts, and stairway banisters, and battery operated garland and greenery make decorating in any location a breeze. To start decorating with garland:

  • Choose where you want the garland
  • Measure the area
  • Choose garland larger than the total area of the measure space

How to Choose the Correct Garland Size

No matter where you put your garland, you're going to want the right thickness. Garland too thin won't be noticeable in a large area, and garland too thick will overtake the area.

Christmas Greenery For Columns

If your column is 8' tall, you'll want garland at least twice that length so that the greenery can neatly wrap around in an ascending circle. To get an exact measurement for the length of garland you will need, wrap a piece of string around your column in the same way you plan to wrap your garland, then measure the string to determine the length you will need.

Christmas Greenery For Mantels

For mantels, measure the space and add at least four feet onto the measurement, two for each side of the mantel, so that the garland can neatly drape over the corners. If you prefer to create a garland swag across the front of the mantel, leaving room for additional keepsakes and decor on the top, you will still need to add extra length to your measurement to ensure an even swag can be acheived.

Christmas Greenery For Fence Posts

When draping garland along a fence line, a good rule of thumb is to plan for 1.5' of garland for every 1' of fence, this allows slack and creates an even swag across your fence posts. For the most classic of Christmas fence line designs, add a red bow at the top of each swag. This design idea and measurement applies for porch railings and staircases as well.

Christmas Door Decorating With Garland

Difficulty Hanging Garland Over Doors?

For those who are having trouble hanging their garland over their doorways, try this quick tip: Tie a string (brown or green to hide amongst the greenery) around the inner branch of the garland and then use hooks to hang the strings. The garland should hang easily like this.

Want an even sturdier solution? Garland hangers hold tight to each side of the door frame, allowing garland to be secured easily and flawlessly, no tools required!

garland door hanger
Single Door Garland Hanger

Quick Tips for Decorating Your House

Take a few minutes to conceptualize your entire holiday house design and create a cohesive Christmas look that flows throughout your entire space.

  • Consider the overall design of what you want your house to look like.
  • Consider what you already own.
  • Consider new decorations to replace or supplement what you already have.
  • Consider the overall final design of your house when finished decorating.

Still Not Enough Decorations?

Remember that it's never too late to turn to Christmas Lights, Etc. We have everything you need for Christmas decorating, including Christmas lights, outdoor decorations and Christmas tree skirts and toppers.

Features of Christmas Lights Etc, Greenery

  • Gorgeous and plush, our Christmas garland and wreaths have many great features:

  • Prelit, unlit or decorative wreaths and garland available

  • Premium with durable needles or patented TruTip design with lifelike PE needles

  • Battery operated wreaths and garland allow greenery to be displayed anywhere

  • Pair greenery with matching tree style or display alone

Decorative garland laying across the mantel
Aspen Silver Decorative Garland
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