Christmas Mantel Ideas

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Nov 29, 2021

There are thousands of ways to decorate a mantel for Christmas. We'll be highlighting a few of our favorite decorations and diy ideas in this post, but if you have any Christmas mantel decorating ideas of your own, we would love to hear about them! Share your Christmas mantel ideas with us in the comments below and tag us in your photos on social media. We can't wait to see what you create!

Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas
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  1. DIY Marquee Sign
  2. Christmas Garland & Wreaths
  3. Christmas Village & Bottle Brush Trees
  4. Christmas Mantel Lights
  5. DIY Christmas Snow Globe Mantel Decor
  6. Vine Lights Christmas Mantel Idea
  7. Christmas Cards Display
DIY Merry Christmas Marquee Sign
DIY Merry Christmas Marquee Sign

DIY Marquee Sign Lights

Create a festive marquee light sign for your mantel. Your sign could say anything you like. "Merry Christmas", "Ho, Ho, Ho" and "Let it Snow" are just a few popular phrases perfect for a Christmas mantel decoration. Watch the video below to learn how we made our "Merry Christmas" marquee sign and visit our DIY post for step by step instructions.

Christmas Garland and Wreaths

Laying a garland across the mantel and hanging a wreath just above is a beautiful and classic way to decorate the hearth for Christmas. Holiday greenery, whether lit or unlit can be left bare, adorned with red bows, or embellished with ornaments and accents to match your Christmas tree decor.

If hanging a lit wreath above your mantel, choose an extension cord that matches the color of your wall and make sure that the plug for the wreath is at the bottom closest to the mantel when you hang it. You can also wrap an unlit wreath with battery operated lights to avoid light cords all together. Predecorated garland and wreaths with battery operated lights are also available to create an effortlessly coordinated Christmas mantel display.

Garland and Wreath Christmas Mantel Decorations
Garland and Wreath Christmas Mantel Decorations

Scene Setting with Christmas Mantel Decorations

Bottle brush Christmas trees, faux snow, ornaments and holiday village pieces can all be used on the mantel to create a whimsical wonderland setting. Hide mini string lights under snow blankets to create a glow from underneath or tuck tiny fairy lights in and around decorative pieces to add a festive touch to your Christmas mantel display.

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees
Bottle Brush Christmas Trees Mantel Decorations
Christmas Lights and Village Mantel Decorations
Christmas Lights and Village Mantel Decorations

Christmas Lights for the Mantel

If your fireplace is purely decorative and not functional, hanging icicle Christmas lights or curtain lights across the mantel is a really fun option for decorating the space. Place a few decorative logs or candle lanterns inside your fireplace for added charm. Garland string lights and lighted branches are also a beautiful way to decorate a mantel. Add flowers, ornaments, and other decorative accents to these lights to match any additional Christmas decorations you have displayed in the room.

String Lights Christmas Mantel Decorations
String Lights Christmas Mantel Decorations

DIY Christmas Snow Globe Mantel Decor

Create a one of a kind DIY snow globe for your Christmas mantel or tabletop display! All you need is an 8" Christmas Light Ball, a 6" floral foam disc, fake snow, and your choice of Christmas village figurines. First, make sure your floral foam can fit around the support rod running through the center of the light ball by cutting a small channel halfway into the foam. The channel should be about the width of a ball point pin. Go slow while carving out the channel to make sure it fits snug around the metal support rod. From there, glue fake snow or cotton balls, ornaments, and holiday figurines onto the floral foam. Then slide the foam into the light ball, turn on the lights, and enjoy your glowing Christmas snow globe mantel decoration!

Christmas Mantel Decoration - DIY snowglobe with santa and reindeer made using a light ball!
Santa & Reindeer DIY Snowglobe Light
Christmas Mantel Decoration - DIY snowglobe with santa and reindeer made using a light ball!
DIY Christmas Snowglobe Mantel Decoration

Vine Lights Christmas Mantel Idea

Vine Lights have a sturdy center branch designed with dozens of additional smaller branches shooting off of it on both sides and LED lights placed throughout. Attach climbing vine branches to the wall beside and above your mantel using adhesive hooks and clips or lay them flat on your mantelpiece. These lighted branches command attention on their own but look incredible when embellished with additional decorative accents. Use thin greenery garland, flower garlands and even lightweight ornaments to further decorate lighted branches.

Decorated Climbing Vine over a Mantel
Decorated Climbing Vine Christmas Mantel Decor
Lighted Vine Branch Christmas Mantel Decoration
Lighted Vine Branch and Flower Accents

Christmas Card Display

The mantel presents a cozy option for displaying Christmas cards from loved ones. Cards can stand up on top of the mantel or be hung from small clips across a decorative ribbon that stretches from one side of the fireplace to the other. As with any decorative elements, ensure that the cards are placed a safe distance away from any open flames if your fireplace will be in use.

Christmas Cards Mantel Decorations
Christmas Cards Mantel Decorations
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