Christmas Greenery FAQ

What size wreath do I need?

Holiday wreaths should fit within the desired hanging space without appearing too small. For example, A 30" diameter is ideal on a 35" door, but a 25" diameter would look too small.

What size bow should I get?

Christmas bows should measure approximately half the width of the wreath or slightly larger.

How do I measure my wreath and garland?

Garland is measured from end to end, including the longest tips of the greenery. Wreaths are measured by finding the longest branch of greenery and measuring in towards the center of the wreath, then doubling that number.

How do I know how many garland I will need?

Determine whether you plan to wrap, swag or lay your garland flat. Visit our Christmas Greenery Decorations page for a more detailed description on how to choose a garland size.

Can I hang my greenery outdoors?

Most of our greenery is rated for indoor and outdoor use. Pre-decorated wreaths and garland may need to be displayed under a covered area so the decor stays in place.

How do I hang my wreath or garland?

You can hang wreath and garland with Greenery Installation Accessories, which make hanging greenery easy even on difficult surfaces, such as bricks. Wreath and garland each include metal hooks for hanging.

How do I store my Christmas greenery?

Greenery and decorations will last longer if stored in Christmas Storage Bags.

How do the wreaths and garland come packaged?

Depending on their size, they will come in one to two sturdy boxes.

I received my greenery and it looks flat. What should I do?

After purchasing a wreath or garland, it is essential to fluff the greenery. You may do so by taking each branch and spreading it out and up, away from the others.

Do you have any battery operated or unlit greenery?

Yes. We currently offer Battery Operated Pre-Decorated Wreaths and garland, as well as unlit varieties.

Should I hang an LED wreath if I have incandescent lights?

Some decorators prefer to not mix LED and incandescent lights. Our LED greenery uses warm white LEDs for a glow similar to clear mini lights, and multicolor LEDs are bold and pleasing to the eye.