Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Quick Tips & Storage Solutions for Storing Christmas Decorations

Storing your Christmas decorations properly is the best way to protect their life and beauty for many years. Using smart storage methods gives you a greater chance of getting your money's worth out of your decorations. Don't let improper care lead to the downfall of your cherished holiday decorations - our tips below can help ensure your displays continue looking great through many years of use! Hint: no storage box stuffing, tangled light piles or shoving trees into old boxes allowed!

  • Store decorations in a cool, dry place. If possible try to avoid environments that experience extreme temperature fluctuations, such as a garage or attic.
  • Avoid tugging your Christmas lights to get them down. Instead take a little extra time to remove and store your lights carefully, your future self will thank you!
  • Label each storage bin with what it contains. This is an easy way to find what you are looking for and know exactly what is in each box for easy access.
  • Wrap lights around a flat piece of cardboard or place each light strand in its own plastic bag to ensure no annoying tangles and for easy storage in bins. You can cut a notch on each end of the cardboard to hold the end plugs of your light string or just tuck them in underneath the wound up lights.
  • Hook your wreath to a hanger and place a garbage bag over the wreath. This will ensure your wreath will not get squished between other objects and the garbage bag will protect it from dust, dirt, and bugs. You can store wreaths inside a closet, from a hook, or on a coat rack.
  • Wrap Christmas light strings around your elbow and palm to create a neat circle, much like you would when winding up a hose or power cord. You can then put them in a ziplock bag and label the bags based on location or hang the light loops off hooks.
  • Organize smaller, breakable tree ornaments in a clean egg carton, place these egg cartons inside a sturdy box for storage.
  • Use a large plastic bin and start by filling plastic cups with ornaments, fill up the bottom of the bin with plastic cups. Place a layer of thin cardboard over the top and repeat with the plastic cups until you fill the bin.
  • Wrap bubble wrap or tissue paper around your decorations for extra protection during storage.

Christmas Light Storage

Are you still untangling the Christmas lights that you were supposed to hang up last Christmas? Your lights have one job & that's to look great in your holiday display, so it's time to break the cycle of creating tangled light monsters that you have to wrestle with year after year. Storage bags make light storage easier and istallation less time consuming for all your holidays! Using a Christmas light storage bag gives you the opportunity to store any light strings, including C7 and C9 bulbs all in one bag. The storage unit has three separate spools and a clamp to easily attach the spools to a ladder or rain gutter. This makes decorating safer and easier for you!

Christmas Tree Storage & Care

Are you a tree wrestler? If you spend way too much time trying to shove your fluffed Christmas tree back into the original box that has been taped shut too many times, only to have parts of it busting out of the sides, then the answer is yes! Whether you paid $50 or $500+ your Christmas tree is an investment and keeping it unbroken and looking like new is what you should want every year. When you take the time to store your tree properly you'll have a beautiful, full tree for longer and you'll get to skip the headache that comes with having to unpack your smashed up tree the following year. The very best option for storing a tree is to use a proper bag for your tree size. Tree bags will keep the branches from getting bent and deformed while also protecting the delicate lights, wires, and connectors on your tree. There are a variety of Christmas tree storage bags that aid in helping you store your tree the easiest and most efficient way, we've described the options and their intended use below.

  • Rolling: Having wheels on the bottom of your bag makes the storing process a breeze. There are several rolling stand available, a customer favorite is the TreeKeeper Pro Adjustable Tree Storage Bag, it comes with a rolling stand that not only makes transporting easy, it also replaces your tree's current folding stand!

  • Expandable: Shapes to your trees body for a perfect snug fit, leading to less damage.

  • Upright Storage: Store your tree upright without the hassle of taking your tree apart.

When packing up your tree after season, take time to check your tree for damaged limbs and wiring issues. Discovering problems after Christmas allows you to order and receive replacement items before the upcoming Christmas season. By doing this early you will have one less thing to be stressed about while also being prepared for the next tree setup!

Christmas Wreath & Ornament Storage

Keeping Wreaths Wonderful

Like trees, wreaths of many different sizes can be preserved in a storage bag. Wreath storage bags are padded, have a hanger for storage in a closet or on hooks, and include convenient inner compartments for storing smaller accessories and decorations.

Organize your Ornaments

Throwing your Christmas ornaments into a plastic bag or in a box probably isn't the best way to keep them looking brand new. Discovering that your once beautiful ornaments & cherished family heirlooms are now a broken mess can lead to sadness during what should be the happiest time of the year! To avoid the broken mess, consider purchasing an ornament storage bag or box. Using a storage box or bag is clever way to protect and organize your tree decorations & gives you easy access to the ornaments you need when you're decorating.

  • The 3 Tray Ornament Storage Bag contains three removable and stackable trays that hold up to 4" bulbs. Each tray holds 24 bulbs, totaling up to 72 bulb each bag! This is a great way to protect your ornaments and keep them safe during the off season.

  • The 2 Tray Ornament Storage Box uses acid free cardboard and padded walls to keep your ornaments, big and small, protected during storage. It has two removable trays that hold a total of 48 single bulbs or many smaller ornaments! Easy grab handles make it convenient to carry and the clear panel on the top allows you to see what's inside with ease. No matter which bag you choose, the decision of protecting your ornaments with proper storage bags will save you money and stress!