Christmas Lights Power Consumption

christmas lights power usage


By Eric Allen | Updated Aug 23, 2021

So, how much electricity do Christmas lights use?

How to Calculate Electricity Usage Cost

Light Usage Cost Examples For Christmas Decorators

Typical Light Usage Cost

Definition: Childrens eyes light up when they pass your house.

When comparing outdoor Christmas decorations, the typical light user will use 1 to 3 wreaths, a garland, and a total of approximately 10 strings to wrap their outdoor trees. After calculating total wattage we can see that electrical usage is minimal.

Typical Heavy Usage Cost

Definition: If cars slow as they drive by and neighbors stop to tell you how much they love your display, you're probably outfitting your house with a few more lights and decorations than the typical Christmas home decorator.

Those who decorate heavily at Christmas will often line the roof and drive way with Christmas lights, add a wreath to the front door, outline the walkway with lighted trees, and wrap one to two trees with lights as well. At this stage of decorating, the extra power consumption may affect your overall electricity costs so it is helpful to calcualte your power usage ahead of time.

Typical Enthusiastic Usage Cost

Definition: If cars line up outside your house to watch your display, you are classified as "enthusiastic."

The enthusiastic user lines their roof, yard, and driveway as well as wrapping all of their trees. They add lights to every inch of their house and create such spectacular sights as light show trees. They fill spaces in the yard with motifs and walkway trees, oftentimes animated to the sound of music.

Suprises are fun to receive under the Christmas tree, but not on your power bill! For the enthusiastic decorator it is important to calculate power usage and determine the best type of lighting, either LED or Incandescent to use for your holiday display.

LED Lights Power Consumption

Energy Saving Tips

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