The Award for Most Spirited Decor Goes to....Patriotic Lights!

With the help of these patriotic lighting ideas, fireworks won't be the only thing sparkling in the night sky this summer!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Jun 4, 2021
Patriotic Star Lights

Okay, you caught us...there isn't really an award for most spirited decor. But if there was, we have a feeling patriotic lights would win every time! The sun soaked days and vibrant blooms brought on by late spring and early summer usher in all kinds of outdoor celebrations and patriotic decor knows how to be the life of the party. Forever classic, the combination of red, white, and blue stands out year round, but patriotic decor takes center stage in the balmy days leading up to July 4th. From pool parties to barbeque picnics, flags fly high and the fun stretches on well into the evening. As the nights grow longer, the perfect lighting can really elevate your celebrations and add a spirited atmosphere to your home. In this quick-read you'll find a list of our favorite and potentially award winning (if there ever is such a thing) patriotic lights and DIY ideas inspired by the symbols and colors of America. If you see something you love or you have an idea of your own that you'd like to share, leave us a comment to tell us about your patriotic decor!

Where can you decorate with patriotic lights?

Short answer: anywhere you like! Red, white, and blue lights offer a classic combination of colors that looks stunning outdoors but is also perfectly at home shining in indoor spaces. Patriotic lights can go pretty much anywhere you would normally decorate with lights for Christmas. We've placed some of the most popular and easily accessible locations below.

  • Front Porch
  • Backyard Deck
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Pool House or Bar
  • Fence
  • Gazebo
  • Garden
  • Walkways
  • Shed
  • Dock
  • Campsite (with electric hook-up)
  • Game Room
  • Media Room
  • Man Cave

Patriotic Porch Decorations & Walkway Lights

Create curb appeal this summer with red, white, and blue walkway lighting, American flag decorations, and patriotic porch decor.

Patriotic Porch Decorations
Aurora Stars and LED Lights Patriotic Porch Decorations

Get the Look:

  • Wrap red, white and blue LED string lights around porch railings and columns. We recommend mini lights for wrapping columns and railings, however C7 lights strings and icicle lights are just as beautiful!
  • Hang patriotic themed Aurora Superstar lights across framed openings. Aurora star decorations have a look that is similar to paper lantern lights but they're made out of a durable plastic - plus they fold up for compact storage when not in use!
Red, White & Blue Patriotic Star Decorations
Red, White & Blue Patriotic Star Decorations

Get the Look:

  • Hang patriotic themed star decorations in the ceiling of a covered porch and in the openings between columns. Unlit fabric star decorations come with an attached loop for easy hanging and they look incredible during the day, especially when the sun reflects off of them!
  • Use spotlights to accent the stars at night, and for added shimmer, wrap railings with patriotic themed LED light strings.

Get the Look:

Get the Look:

Patriotic Light Wrapped Trees

In the past, wrapping trees with lights has most often been seen during the cooler months of outdoor Christmas decorating. That being said, we've started to notice light wrapped trees trending into the warmer months as an alternative to backyard patio lights, and we are here for it! If you're interested in creating your own backyard tree light display, we've noted a few of our favorite string light options for wrapping trees below, and don't forget to visit our how to wrap trees with lights guide for step by step wrapping instructions!

Our favorite patriotic string lights for wrapping trees:

Red, White, & Blue Tree Lights

Patriotic Patio Lights

Hang red, white, and blue patio light bulbs across the deck, above a backyard party, or along a fence. For a unique take on patio lights, try C7 & C9 LED bulbs. They're most often seen at Christmas but these bulbs make for beautiful outdoor patriotic lighting too! Display red, white, and blue C7 & C9 light bulbs anywhere you would normally hang patio light strings.

Red, White, & Blue Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are most often seen outlining roofs during the holiday season, however draping a set of red, white and blue icicle lights along a fence is a gorgeous and much less considered option - perfect for illuminating a backyard party or outdoor event.

Fourth of July DIY Centerpiece Idea

Try this DIY centerpiece idea during Christmas, Fourth of July or all Summer long! Fill a vase with battery operated fairy lights plus red, silver, and blue Christmas ornaments. Then, add a few American Flags to finish your patriotic table display!

July 4th DIY Centerpiece Decoration with Fairy Lights
July 4th DIY Centerpiece Decoration

Rustic Mason Jar Patriotic Decor Ideas

This combo of patriotic lights with mason jars is equal parts stylish and charming!

Patriotic Patio Lights Mason Jar DIY Decor
Patriotic Patio Lights Mason Jar Decor

Try it!

Accent your patriotic patio lights with rustic charm by hanging them in mason jars! Cut a hole out of your mason jar lids that is just big enough to fit the base of your bulb, then screw your bulb into the light socket and voila! Illuminated mason jars with patriotic flare!

July 4th Mason Jar DIY Decor with Fairy Lights
July 4th Mason Jar DIY Decor

Try It!

This mason jar decoration is easy to make, and you may already have everything you need on hand! Fill mason jars with battery operated lights. Add an american flag and photos of veterans or family who currently serve in the military to create patriotic luminaries.

Which of the ideas above is your favorite? If you have a patriotic decorating idea you want to share, leave us a comment below. We love to hear about your DIY projects!

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