Christmas Light Clips Guide

Christmas Light Clips
Install Lights Like a Professional with Christmas Light Clips

Hang your Christmas lights like a pro this year! Our selection in top quality LED Christmas lights have caught the attention of Fox News, CNN, HGTV, CBS and more. Now you can buy your Christmas lights where the pros buy theirs and hang with the best Christmas light clips in town! Take advantage of the installation secrets our sales team has learned from years of working with commercial lighting professionals.

Hanging Christmas lights properly requires the right Christmas light clips. Clips are available for every application, from hanging mini lights to larger C9 bulbs, and can be mounted almost anywhere or staked into the ground with Christmas light stakes.

Use Christmas light clips and light stakes to mount lights on:

  • Shingles
  • Roof lines
  • Gutters
  • Tile
  • Flat roofs
  • High peaks
  • Siding
  • Brick
  • Windows
  • Along walkways and driveways

Christmas light clips are generally removable after the season ends, with a few exceptions typically only used in commercial applications. Depending on how clips are installed, most Christmas light clips can face bulbs vertically or horizontally. Christmas light stakes are removable after season and hold C7 and C9 bulbs and strings vertically.

All-in-One Clips

All-in-one clips are a great clip to use for hanging lights on shingles, tile roofs and gutters, and have a tab that can be folded over to secure the clip in shutters and along gutters with extra space. All-in-one clips work with prelamped C7 and C9 strings, icicles, mini lights, C6 and more, and can be removed at the end of the season.

All-in-One Light Clips

All-in-One Clip

  • Regular All-in-One clips are our best selling Christmas light clips. They secure C7 and C9 sockets in the larger clip opening, and C6 and mini light sockets use the smaller clip opening. The smaller opening is created by squeezing the ends of the clip until they overlap.
  • All-in-One Plus clips are similar in design to the Regular All-in-One clip, plus they have a hook to hang icicle lights. Simply snap the C7 or C9 socket into the larger clip opening, or hang icicle lights from the hook. All-in-One Plus clips can also be used to hold mini lights and smaller C6 Christmas lights in the same way as regular All-in-One clips - squeeze the ends of the larger opening until they overlap and form a smaller opening.
  • Omni All-in-One clips are similar in functionality to All-in-One Plus clips, but the design is different, with the opening facing the opposite direction of the regular and All-in-One Plus clips. The Omni clip has an opening for both the smaller sockets for C6 and mini lights as well as the C7 and C9 opening, with a hook for hanging icicles. The Omni All-in-One clip also has a serrated edge for a tight fit under shingles and gutters.
  • LED All-in-One clips are designed specifically for prelamped C7 and C9 LED Christmas light strings, which have smaller sockets than the standard C7 and C9 socket. All-in-One clips have an additional opening for hanging C6 and mini lights, and a serrated edge to keep the clip secure.
  • C Style All-in-One clips hang lights vertically, and have a 180 pivot. C Style Christmas light clips hang C6, C7, C9 and mini lights. Because of the pivot, C style clips can also hang rope light along gutters and rooflines.
  • Tile All-in-One clips hang lights horizontally and use "gator teeth" and a pointed end for sliding and securing under roof tiles. Tile clips can hold C6, C7, C9 and mini lights.
  • Rope Light clips work as shingle or gutter clips for rope lights, hanging sturdy, lit PVC tubing along roof lines for a unique Christmas decoration.

Shingle Tabs

Shingle tabs work with C7 and C9 bulbs that can be removed from the light strings, and will not work with prelamped LED strings. Two popular styles for shingle tabs are the Original Shingle Tab and the Bi-Axial Shingle Tab. Both clips are designed to slide underneath the shingle or gutter and can be removed when the season is over.

  • The Original Shingle Tab is our second most popular Christmas light clip, and can be positioned under the shingles or under the gutter. The Original Shingle Tab positions the bulb horizontally, and is assembled by placing the tab between the bulb and socket. It can also be mounted on flat surfaces with the use of a parapet clip. When installed on a flat roof using a parapet clip, Original Shingle Tabs face vertically. The parapet clip is permanent, but the shingle tab can be removed from the clip when the season is over.
  • The Bi-Axial Shingle Tab can be secured under the shingles or under the gutter, allowing bulbs to face vertically or horizontally.

Our third best selling Christmas light clip is the Combo C Clip, which is for flat surface installation of C7 and C9 lights. The Combo C Clip is very popular for commercial light installation, and is a permanent install.

Gutter Hooks

While most All-in-One clips and shingle tabs can be used for hanging Christmas lights on gutters, a few light clips are designed specifically for gutters.

  • S Style Gutter Hooks secure over the lip of the gutter, and the opposite end of the clip is used for hanging Christmas light strings. Because this clip holds the wire instead of the bulb, any Christmas light can be used. S Style Gutter Hooks usually work best with gutters that have a lip of 1/4" or less.
  • Gutter Clips position clips horizontally or vertically, and can be attached to all styles and sizes of gutters. Use gutter clips for C7 and C9 temporary Christmas light installation.

Line Walkways with Light Stakes

All-in-One light stakes securely hold C7 and C9 bulbs in place for a practice known as outlining. Outlining requires that custom lengths of Christmas lights be spliced for certain runs, and then the bulbs equally spaced for a very clean, professional look. Outlining with light strings and light stakes is great in the following locations:

  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Garden edges
  • Property lines
  • Many more locations

Stakes keep bulbs straight and wires off the ground. They come in a variety of heights from 4.5" to 15". Take the height of the light stake into consideration if the climate is prone to snow. To learn more about creating a custom length run of Christmas lights, read the How to Splice Wires page.

Other Christmas Light Clips

  • Icicle Light Clips are equipped with a hook on each end for hanging lights from shingles or gutters. Just as the name implies, icicle light clips are used for hanging icicle lights
  • Siding Hooks are used to hang Christmas lights on siding. The hook is simply wedged under the rim of the siding and secures in place. Siding hooks are easily removed at the end of the season.
  • Brick Clips grab onto brick, allowing lights and decor to be secured without damaging mortar.
  • Mini Light Adhesive Clips are used for hanging mini lights around windows.


All-in-One Clips

All-in-One Clips

For shingles, tile roofs, and gutters, the All-in-One clip works with C7s, C9s, icicles, mini lights, C6s, and more.

Shop All-in-One Clips

C7 and C9 Light Stakes

C7 and C9 Light Stakes

Stake along walkways and driveways with C7 and C9 light stakes. Choose longer lengths for snowy areas.

Shop C7 and C9 Light Stakes


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