Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for the Roof

Roof Decorating Ideas

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White LED Lights: Popular outdoor Christmas light ideas for the roof include clear C9 Christmas lights, with bulbs large enough to be seen in full color from the road. Invest in long lasting, energy saving white LED lights to save on power for years to come, while creating an elegant holiday glow.

Candy Cane Christmas Roof Lights: Get creative with lighting the roof, using red and cool white LED bulbs, or red and clear incandescent lights on the roof. Secure C9 bulbs along the roof in an alternating pattern.

Red / Green Christmas Roof Lights: Choose a red and green light theme for your house this season to bring festivity and holiday cheer to the neighborhood. Outline the roof and windows with C9 red and green bulbs. For more fun, add a white bulb to the mix.

Colorful Lights: Multicolor or solid colored C9 lights make a stunning impression lining the home. Create retro or visually powerful lighting effects with colored LED lights. Another idea for decorating a roof with color lights includes placing bulbs in sockets in single, double, or even triple color pattern sequence.

Theme Lights: Multicolor C9 bulbs can be used with stringers in any combination, like blue and green or blue and white theme lights. Stringers can be customized with bulbs of your choice to celebrate any type of festivity such as sporting events, holidays, and more.

Hanging Icicle Lights and Grand Cascade Tubes Along the Roofline

Hanging Icicle Lights for a Winter Idea

Traditional Icicle Lights: Icicle lights are available in long and short drops. Long drop icicle lights can vary in length up to 24". Use icicles on rooflines for an elegant icy appearance, choosing clear incandescent or warm or cool white LED lights.

Short Drop Icicle Lights: Short drop icicle lights are great for Christmas homes that showcase various architectural features.

Christmas Icicle Lights: Add color to your roofline with a rainbow of options, including color morphing icicles. For some flair, use long curtain lights along windows, or add snowflakes to your roofline with snowflake shaped bulbs.

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Animated Grand Cascade Lights and Falling Icicles are easy to screwed into standard C9 and C7 sockets. Falling icicle lights use cool white LED bulbs and come in several sizes, and Grand Cascade tubes are available in a variety of colors from cool white to red and green. Both Grand Cascade Lights and Falling Icicles bring festive animation to your roofline.

Best Christmas Lights for the Roofline

Animated Light Ideas for the Roofline
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C9 bulbs vs. C7 bulbs: Do you want a larger or smaller C bulb? The larger size of the C9 bulb creates a visual impact to draw attention to your house, and C9 is ideal for two story and larger homes. If you have a smaller house or want to create a subtle light display, you may want C7 bulbs instead. Both C7 and C9 bulbs can be purchased with or without stringers for ultimate customization.

Clear twinkle lights are available as C7 and C9 bulbs and prelamped mini lights. They add festive animation to any display, garnering attention with their flashing and flickering. Like a warm flame, clear twinkle lights ignite a sense of wonder in the season.

Icicle Lights are great way to create a beautiful winter paradise. They come in a variety of colors and drops. Choose from incandescent or LED with color options of clear, multicolor, red, green, and more.

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Multicolor twinkle bulbs and strings are available in C7, C9, and mini lights and are reminiscent of ginger bread houses. Wrap trees and line walkways with C7 and C9 twinkle and color change strings and bulbs to create a Christmas house that everyone stops to see. If you are customizing your twinkle light strings, we recommend alternating twinkle bulbs with a few steady bulbs, so the twinkle effect is not too overwhelming.

Combining Icicles and C9 Lights: Another popular outdoor Christmas lights idea for the roof includes combining icicles and C9 lights together. The best solution for a uniform, professional looking roof outline includes using the All-in-One Plus Light Clip, which holds both the C9 socket and icicle drops. Ideas for lighting can include hanging multicolor or themed C9 bulbs with clear or white icicles, or choose all clear or all white lights.

Helpful Hints

LED Lights vs Incandescent Lights: LED lights are the most economical option for decorating your roof and yard. LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights and will reduce your electric bill. You can plug more LED light strings together than incandescent lights. That means you can use fewer power sources and fewer extension cords.

Christmas light clips will hold your lights in place and give your display a more professional look. ChristmasLightsEtc.com has a variety of clips that will work with all types of lights. Be sure to look at our Christmas Light Clip Chart to determine the best clips for your lights.

Light Strings allow you customize your lights. With stringers you can choose the spacing and the bulb colors. Spacing will determine how many bulbs you use on each string. The number of bulbs will affect your wattage which affect your overall power consumption. The spacing will also determine the overall look for your display.

Timers allow you to control when your lights are on and off, so you dont have worry about remembering to flip the switch. Instead of leaving lights on all night, you can just leave them on for a few hours which will reduce your electricity bill.


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