Pre Lit Christmas Trees Guide

Illuminate your home and welcome family and friends this holiday with a new, beautiful pre lit Christmas tree. This buying guide is designed to help anyone make an informed decision when shopping for a tree this season. Use our Christmas Tree Finder to make shopping easy.

Christmas Tree Lights

Beautiful LED and Incandescent Lights

LED and Incandescent Lights Comparison
LED Christmas Lights and Incandescent Lights Comparison

A benefit in pre lit Christmas trees is the time and energy saved in not having to wrap and unwrap light strings around the tree branches. Pre lit Christmas trees are available with clear or multi colored bulbs, and if one bulb burns out, the rest will remain lit. Lighting options available:

  • Clear or Multicolor Incandescent Bulbs - traditional glow
  • Warm White or Multicolor 5MM LED Bulbs - energy saving, long lasting, and designed to display warmth and elegance

Light counts vary within each tree size, shape, and collection. Some trees offer incredibly high light counts, but all prelit trees are beautifully illuminated for the best holiday tree possible.

Great Selection in Christmas Trees!

All Red Sleigh™ and Kringle Traditions™ Christmas trees include an industry leading ten year warranty on frame and construction, with three year warranty on lights. 4.5' - 14' trees.

Christmas Trees

Clear Light Christmas Trees

  • Classic Christmas tree lights
  • One light goes out, the rest stay lit
  • Clear incandescent or warm white LED
Multicolor Christmas Trees

Multicolor Christmas Trees

  • Incandescent and LED color lights
  • Many popular tree styles available

Christmas Trees

LED Christmas Trees

  • Warm LED bulbs, brightest light
  • ENERGY STAR rated, long lasting
Multicolor Christmas Trees

Most Realistic Trees

  • Lifelike Trutip™ technology
  • Beautiful, realistic, signature

Christmas Tree Size and Shape

Pencil, Slender, Medium, Full

Balsam with Medium Profile
Balsam with Medium Profile
Tree Shape Comparison
Christmas Tree Profile Comparison
Hunter with Full Profile
Hunter with Full Profile

Measure the space for your holiday tree. Tree heights range from 4.5' up to 14' in pre lit Christmas trees, and widths can be pencil thin for tight spaces, or full for larger areas. Height is measured from the floor to the tree top, and leave 6" - 12" space for a tree topper. To place gifts beneath the tree, consider a style with ample space beneath, such as our Colorado Pine pre lit Christmas trees.

Pencil trees

Slender/Medium trees

Bark Wrapped Interior

High Tip Count


Tip Count and Construction

Realistic TruTip™ Needles and Hinged Branches

Balsam with Medium Profile
TruTip Christmas Tree Needles
Tree Shape Comparison
Hinged Branch Construction

Higher tip counts result in fuller trees with lots of ornament hanging tips. Prelit trees featuring TruTip™ design also boast PE/PVC molded tips with multiple color pigments for the most realistic natural look. Tip count and construction makes a difference in an artificial Christmas tree that will last for many years and retain its realistic appearance.

Expandable branches allow for the fullest fluffing, and all our pre lit Christmas trees feature strong hinged construction. Sturdy metal bases hold trunks securely in place, and bases won't bend or buckle after years of use.

Decorating Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Trees for Hanging Ornaments

Trimming the tree is a family tradition in most houses, and each ornament has a story. Consider ornaments that will be hung when choosing your tree.

Ornament hanging trees worth noting:

  • Best for Hanging Lots of Ornaments: The Brighton Fir is a dense tree with staggered offshoots to provide lots of hanging space
  • Best for Showcasing Treasured Ornaments: The Fraser Fir and Canadian Fir have open spaces and bark wrapped interiors for showcasing larger ornaments
  • Best for Hanging Heavy Ornaments: The Sequoia Fir has extra durable tip and branch construction for hanging heavier ornaments


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