LED Christmas Lights Guide

LED Christmas lights are energy saving lighting and are available in a larger variety of colors and sizes than traditional Christmas lights. Whether you prefer purchasing bulbs and stringers separately, prelamped strings, net and icicle lights, craft lights, or rope light, you can find it all in LED. The more you light up, the more energy you save.

Energy Savings

Energy Star testing has shown that 140 LED lights can be powered using the same amount of electricity needed to power just a single 7-watt incandescent bulb. That is roughly the equivalent of two LED light strings compared to a single bulb. Compare Energy Star LED Christmas lights with regular incandescent lights:

LED Christmas Lights

  • Save 80-90% energy
  • Extremely low wattage
    • Single Red C7 bulb: 0.96 watts
    • 70 count mini light string: 4.8 watts, connect 43
    • 25 count C7 prelamped string: 2.4 watts, connect 87

Incandescent Christmas Lights

  • Uses 80-90% more energy than LEDs
  • Higher wattage than LED
    • Single Red C7 bulb: 5 watts
    • 100 count mini light string: 40.8 watts, connect 5
    • 25 count C7 prelamped string: 125 watts, connect 2

Comparing LED White vs Clear Incandescent Bulbs

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Long Life

LED lights are designed to last for many years, in both construction of the physical bulb, and the technology of the LED. An investment in LEDs guarantees many more years of use than that of incandescent lights.

LED Christmas Lights

  • Rated for 50,000 - 200,000 hours
  • No burn out factor
  • Unbreakable bulbs with plastic construction
  • Color is emitted through diodes, remaining vibrant through the life of the bulb
  • Prelamped strings are water tight single piece construction since bulbs do not need to be replaced
  • Durable bulbs are easier to store

Incandescent Christmas Lights

  • Rated for 3,000 hours
  • Bulbs burn out
  • Easily broken glass bulbs
  • Color is created through painted glass which can fade, chip and crack
  • Prelamped strings have removable bulbs since lamps burn out often
  • Bulbs are easily damaged in storage

Unique Functions

The diodes and the integrated circuit board allow LED lights to offer fun technology in decorating, including dimming light, morphing light, and color change. Dimming LEDs use the ability to control the amount of power being sent to the diodes, sending less for dim light and more for bright light. Morphing LED lights slowly fade between different colors, and color change flash from red to green. Falling icicles and Grand Cascade lights are another fun LED holiday light, with LEDs chasing down tubes to simulate the appearance of falling snow.

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Energy efficient LED bulb colors are strong and vibrant, offering all popular colors from red to green, as well as a variety of whites ranging from warm white to cool white. Knowing the Kelvin temperature, which measures whether light is warm or cool, helps to enhance an atmosphere through color. For a cozy, in-home color, choose white lights with a Kelvin temperature between 2700K - 3000K. Cool white energy efficient LED light bulbs typically have a Kelvin temperature of 3600K - 4900K. Knowing the lumens in LED lights is also helpful, which is simply the amount of light visible to the human eye.


LED Christmas light strings and bulbs come in a great variety of styles, sizes, and shapes.

  • Styles: Prelamped Strings, Replacement Bulbs, Net Lights, Icicle Lights, Fairy Lights, Trunk Wraps, Rope Light, Snowfall, Cascade T8, Battery Operated
  • Sizes: C9, C7, C6, G12, Mini, 5mm
  • Shapes: Traditional, Round, Wide Angle, Micro, and many more...

Good for the Environment

LED Christmas lights strings have significant impact on the environment, leading schools, cities, governments and states to mandate the use of LED lights in commercial decorating. Giant Christmas trees are lit using energy efficient LED lights, with a 35' commercial LED tree using an average of 9,269 watts less than a tree lit using incandescent mini lights. Consider the 12' commercial silhouette with LED lights that uses 473 watts compared to the exact same silhouette lit with incandescent lights using 3444 watts. Tax payer money is being invested in LED decorations and lights, saving massive amounts of power and operating costs, and reducing the need to replace decorations and lights. Landfills benefit from the decrease in waste, including the reduced annual disposal of the glass bulbs and wire frames and other components of the products, as well as the packaging.

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