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Premium Prelamped C7 LED Light Strings

C7 LED light strings make hanging Christmas lights quick and easy. Prelamped light strings feature the convenience of having the lights pre-installed so you don't have to. These convenient strings are a top choice in classic Christmas displays, and the smart choice in energy efficiency saving you time and money.

C7 LED bulbs may have the feel of a vintage Christmas light but their professional quality and durable construction make them virtually unbreakable, able to stand the test of time both on display and in storage. Cast a brilliant halo of light with diamond faceted C7 LED lights strung on wires with tighter twists and stackable plugs, allowing you to connect up to 87 strings in a worry free, tangle free installation.

Trim the tree or use as outdoor lights to illuminate the roof, bushes and walkways while saving time and money with these convenient ENERGY STAR certified classic Christmas lights.