C7 / C9 LED Christmas Lights

C7 and C9 stringers with bulbs

C7 and C9 LED Christmas light strings are the new traditional holiday lights! These are the nostalgic bulbs of yesterday with all the great benefits of LED technology. These lights save you money through their incredible energy efficiency, durable construction, and extremely long life. They can last up to 100,000 hours. All our light strings are tested for color consistency, so the bulbs will maintain the same vibrant hues throughout the entire string. LED lights provide vivid, vibrant color year after year giving you a professional looking display for many seasons.

C7 and C9 LED lights have presence from a distance, making them the ideal bulb size for creating outdoor light displays. Hang them along rooflines, outline walkways, and wrap large trees. Use these bright light strings inside to decorate, banisters, garlands, and Christmas trees. LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable, making it easier to carry lights up and down ladders, confident that bulbs will stay intact. Many LED light strings come with fused stackable plugs, so you can connect multiple strings together without searching for an outlet.

Create a magical Christmas light display with all the convenience and energy savings of LED technology. After Christmas use these versatile LED C7 and C9 strings to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other occasions.