Christmas Truck Decorating for the Holidays

A beat up old truck void of purpose, left to contend with the elements is nothing more than a symbol of decay. Or is it?

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Jun 24, 2021
Christmas Truck Decorations

Peel back the weather worn layers, sweep away the dirt and debris, and beneath the surface lies a rich history, a treasure trove of stories to be told. Add Christmas lights and suddenly new life emerges from what was once an eyesore, a new chapter unfolds in the life of a relic we thought had been lost to time. Sure, a beat up old truck might be just a pile of junk to some, but to others, it is the foundation for creating something amazing. It is the embodiment of a belief that Christmas spirit can transcend decorating norms and come alive in many forms - even in decorating old trucks for Christmas.

Sometimes looking at something a different way is as simple as turning your head sideways to engage a different point of view, and that's what we chose to do with an old 1971 Dodge Sweptline truck we found sitting, immobile in someone's yard. Between the cracks in the rust we saw character, in the missing parts we found purpose. The square lines and weathered patina were a perfect match to the traditional color and style of our Douglas Fir Christmas greenery and the empty wheel well was made for a matching wreath. To keep with the fun and whimsical feeling of this particular project and truck style, we decided to use all multicolor lights. However, for a more classic vehicle like a 57' Chevy, we may have opted for all white lights and foliage to match the vehicle's coloration. The square design of the cab and the Mexican blanket interior reminded us of old cars with colorful pom poms dotting the window edges, so we decided to recreate this vintage design using small multicolor globe lights. The Douglas Fir Christmas tree in the back was inspired by the trees that sometimes emerge from the beds of abandoned trucks, forgotten by time and taken over by nature. Finally, as a finishing touch we attached a matching Douglas Fir christmas wreath on the front grill using floral wire, which is a very popular and easy way to decorate any vehicle.

Christmas Car Decorations: A Beat Up Old Truck Finds New Purpose!
Christmas Truck Decorations

The end result? Our very own, very festive version of from trash to treasure! Now, we realize not everyone has a classic car or run down fixer upper just sitting in their yard, but with a little imagination and a different point of view, these truck decorating ideas could be modified for any vehicle regardless of age or ability to run.

Have you revved up the Christmas spirit in your own car or truck? If so, we want to hear from you!

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