How to Make Christmas Light Balls

Our incredibly popular Christmas light balls are surprisingly easy to make with just a few supplies!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 19, 2021
DIY Christmas Light Balls

How to Make Christmas Light Balls

Step Two: Roll out the chicken wire and measure out the dimensions. To create a spherical shape, the chicken wire must be twice as long as it is wide. We are creating a 2' Christmas light ball, so our chicken wire was 2' x 4'.

Christmas Light Ball Supplies
Christmas Light Ball Supplies
How to Make Christmas Light Balls -  Measure Your Chicken Wire
Measure Your Chicken Wire

Step Three: Cut the chicken wire at the measured area. Because chicken wire can be sharp and hard to handle, gloves come in handy when manipulating the wiring.

Step Four: Once the chicken wire is cut, place the two cut sides together and connect by twisting the wires around each other.

How to Make Christmas Light Balls-Cut the Chicken Wire
Cut the Chicken Wire
How to Make Christmas Light Balls - Twist The Wires Together
Twist The Wires Together

Step Five: As you can see in this picture, we created a bond by twisting the wire.

Step Six: Now you'll have a cylinder of chicken wire. This is where the shaping process begins.

How to Make Christmas Light Balls - Wires Twisted to Form a Seam
Wires Twisted to Form a Seam
DIY Christmas Light Balls - Cylinder Shape Formed From Twisting Wires
Cylinder Shape Formed From Twisting Wires

Step Seven: Begin pushing the cylinder's sides together. Using a pleating motion as you might with cloth will begin to create the round shape. Snip the wire at the ends as needed with the wire cutters and twist it together to make sure it will hold.

Step Eight: Continue to sculpt the chicken wire to make it as round as possible. Pushing in the curves and pulling on the ends helps to create a more spherical shape.

DIY Christmas Light Balls - Fold The Ends Together In a Pleating Motion
Fold The Ends Together In A Pleating Motion
DIY Christmas Light Balls - Shape Chicken Wire into a Ball
Continue Creating Ball Shape

Step 9: Once the ball is completely spherical, it's time to wrap it with lights. Take your first string and wrap it around the ball, leaving the male plug exposed. This allows for the light ball to be plugged in easily.

DIY Christmas Light Balls - Secure Christmas Light Plug
Secure Christmas Light Plug
DIY Christmas Light Balls - Wrap Ball With Lights
Wrap Ball With Lights
DIY Christmas Light Balls Made from Chicken Wire and Wrapped With LED String Lights
4ft. Blue and 2ft. Green Christmas Light Balls

No time to DIY?

Pre-made light balls are ready to use and fold flat for easy storage!

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