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For us, Christmas decorations aren't just figures in a yard or lights on a house...

They're the physical representation of holiday spirit and the source of hundreds of cherished moments shared between families and loved ones. Whether it's as simple as a red bow on every window or a mega display that you can see from space, adding outdoor Christmas decorations to the exterior of your home is a beautiful way to share the spirit of Christmas with your family, friends and neighbors, and maybe even spread a little joy to complete strangers too - the power of outside Christmas decorations is truly remarkable.

A Quick Guide To Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas Yard Decorations - Create a festive outdoor Christmas display with these popular holiday decor styles. Our collection of outside Christmas decorations has everything you need to decorate your entire yard for Christmas from the front door all the way to the curb!

Outdoor Christmas Trees - Classic and built to last! With heights ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet, Outdoor Christmas trees can be used to line the walkway or become the showstopping focal point of your entire outdoor Christmas display!

Outdoor Christmas Lights- available in an enormous array of colors and styles to complement any outdoor Christmas decorations! Outdoor Christmas lights include popular C7 & C9 light bulbs, icicle lights, incandescent and LED mini lights and pathway lights. The possibilities with where and how you decorate the exterior of your home with Christmas lights are truly endless. Some popular locations for decorating with outdoor Christmas lights include roofs, columns, railings, porches, walkways, trees and even the yard!

  • C7 & C9 Christmas Lights - are the most popular and best option for creating perfect lines and contours along roofs and peaks. C7 & C9 lights can be hung from gutters or shingles with special light clips designed for roof applications. C7 lights are smaller than C9 lights and work well on most homes, especially smaller residences like townhomes and condos. Large C9 bulbs can be seen from greater distances making them the ideal choice for tall buildings and bigger light displays.
  • Icicle Lights- like C7 & C9 bulbs, are one of the most popular outdoor Christmas light styles for lining the roof and look beautiful hanging off of porch overhangs and stair railings too! Choose from traditional icicle lights with multiple drop variations on one string, curtain lights with drops ranging from 6 feet to 50 feet and realistic cascading icicle lights with animations that mimic dripping ice!
  • Christmas Mini Lights- the most versatile lights for outdoor Christmas decorating! There are hundreds of colors and styles of mini lights available to suit every project and match any outdoor Christmas decorations! Wrap mini lights around outdoor trees, columns and railings to add additional light to your front yard and porch. You can even weave mini lights through small bushes and shrubs to create a cheerful glow from within.
  • Pathway Lights- include either C7 or C9 LED or incandescent bulbs and coordinating light strings with included light stakes to make lining walkways, pathways and landscapes a breeze!

Christmas Light Balls - The name says it all. Light balls are sphere shaped decorations covered in lights. Christmas light balls come in several varieties including light balls that fold flat, LED mini and fairy light balls, RGB LED light balls featuring a variety of color combinations in one, and commercial grade light balls with heavy duty frames. Christmas light balls are often displayed hanging from tree branches, porches and in ceiling applications, however they can also be placed on the ground as part of a larger light display.

Snowflake & Star Lights - feature an incredible variety of designs and are illuminated with rope light, LED mini lights, LED strip light and even a flexible neon light. Snowflake lights are available in solid white or blue colors as well as combinations featuring blue and white lights or warm and cool white LED lights together. Star lights are available in a variety of styles including Moravian and Bethlehem with a wide array of popular colors. Several star lights even have color changing light options.

Christmas Wreaths & Garland - are the classic holiday adornment for windows, doors, columns and railings! Christmas wreaths and garland are a popular outdoor Christmas decoration and look beautiful on their own or paired with classic red bows! Wreaths and garland are available in matching greenery families for a cohesive design as well as incandescent and LED multicolor and white Christmas light varieties.

Outdoor Christmas Bows - pair perfectly with Christmas greenery but look beautiful on their own as well! Outdoor Christmas bows in red, silver and gold colors are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 72 inches.

Walkway Christmas Trees - come with a small spike that can be inserted in the ground to illuminate walkways with ease! When selecting which walkway tree will be the best addition to your Christmas yard decorations, take into consideration the rest of your Christmas light colors and choose walkway trees with complementary lights. If your entire home is decorated in warm tones, walkway trees featuring warm white LED lights may work best, whereas cool white lighting pairs perfectly with multicolor LED walkway trees to add a pop of color.

LED Light Show Trees - have a shape similar to tree cones and are pre-programmed with a series of animated light patterns. Light show trees work great for outdoor Christmas light displays and are available in sizes from 4 feet all the way to 12 feet!