This Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights Decor is So Clever, It's Sneaky!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 23, 2022
Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights
Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights From The Roof
Grinch Stealing Lights
Grinch Stealing Lights From Bushes

Here's how you can recreate this sneaky Grinch yard decor:

Why we love the Grinch stealing lights

Sure, he's a little rough around the edges at first, but the Grinch is relatable in a lot of ways to a lot of people. Plus, (spoiler alert!) he falls in love with Christmas in the end, and we can't help but love him for that! We're also onboard for any level of Christmas decorating, because, let's be honest, we can't all be the Griswolds and deck out our houses to the extreme with Christmas lights and decor. So, if you don't have a lot of time or energy left for holiday decorating, or your budget is tight for Christmas lights, this Grinch yard decor is the perfect, low key solution that's clever and sure to inspire a few smiles in the neighborhood. And who knows, it might even win you an award for most creative...maybe!

Show us your sneaky Grinches! If you make your own Grinch stealing lights yard decor this Christmas, tag us in your posts on Instagram or Facebook and you might see them here!

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