Pathway Lights: Highly Versatile Landscape Lighting

From casual gatherings to crowd-drawing Christmas experiences, pathway lights are the most versatile landscape lighting for dressing up any outdoor occasion!

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Jun 15, 2021
Pathway Lights

Possibly the most underappreciated outdoor light for landscapes is the pathway light. The concept behind pathway lights is straightforward enough: those same C7 & C9 bulbs and light strings you attach to clips and use to outline your roof during Christmas are instead placed on stakes for use on the ground. A simple accessory change, with huge impact.

While C7 & C9 Christmas bulbs are the most popular for outlining pathways and landscapes, using an alternative bulb like a Fairy Light Bulb or Globe lights can add a lot of personality to your outdoor light displays.

Where can you decorate with pathway lights?

Pathways, walkways, and driveways are the most obvious places for decorating with pathway lights. However, the name is simply a suggestion and there are some additional locations where these outdoor landscape lights look beautiful. Outlining the entire perimeter of the front yard with Christmas lights on stakes will have a bold impact whether you decide to also place lights on your roof or you opt to keep your outdoor Christmas decorations closer to the ground.

Pathway lights can also be used to highlight contours around garden beds and unique landscape features in any season. We'll discuss more year-round use cases like these a little later in this post.

White Christmas Pathway Lights
Christmas Pathway Lights Outline a Driveway

Christmas Pathway Lights

Hands down, the most popular use of pathway lighting is for outdoor Christmas decorating. Christmas pathway lights can match your roof lights to create a cohesive design, or you can add a splash of color and distinctive style to your existing outdoor light display by using something different to highlight your pathways and landscapes. For example, if you have all white icicle lights or C9 light bulbs hanging across your roof, consider using multicolor bulbs or a single accent color pathway light, like red or blue, as a fun contrast to your all white roof lights. Themed pathway light combinations such as red and white, red and green, and blue and white are another fun way to play with adding pops of unexpected color to your outdoor Christmas light displays.

Halloween Pathway Lights

Guide trick-or-treaters right to your door by creating an illuminated path with C7 & C9 walkway & driveway lights. Orange, purple, and green Halloween pathway lights are the signature colors of this enchanting season. Combine these popular colors together to create a distinctive atmosphere and cast a haunting glow over Halloween yard decor. Additional Halloween pathway lighting ideas include hanging string lights, lanterns, or icicle lights from shepherds hooks instead of using light stakes placed in the ground. Flicker flame bulbs are also a unique pathway light alternative with eerie animated effects!

Purple & Green Halloween Pathway Lights
Purple & Green Halloween Pathway Lights

Creative Pathway Lighting Ideas

While the term "pathway lights" most widely refers to the use of bulbs, strings, and light stakes to illuminate paths; there are some creative alternatives for lighting outdoor landscapes, walkways, and driveways. String lights, lanterns, and lit hanging decorations can be displayed on garden shepherds hooks to create one-of-a kind pathway light displays. Additionally, Christmas Walkway Trees, Starburst Lighted Branch Stakes, and Starlight Sphere Stakes are a fast and fun way to decorate outdoor spaces.

Even more occassions to decorate with pathway lights...

Pathway lights aren't just for holidays. You can decorate your outdoor spaces with pathway lights year round as unique landscape lighting and a way to guide guests during outdoor parties and events. A few of our favorite everyday pathway lighting ideas can be found below. If you have a few of your own, please share them with us in the comments!

  • Wedding walkways and pathways
  • Corporate events
  • Red, White & Blue Patriotic Pathway Lights
  • Garden lighting
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