LED Mini Lights

If there was an awards show for Christmas lights, LED mini lights would be voted best all around.

With one of the most diverse portfolios of shapes, colors, styles and uses, LED mini lights are versatile & beautiful - a necessity for Christmas decorating.

LED Mini Light Sizes

Wide Angle LED Mini Lights- 5mm LED bulbs are smaller than traditional incandescent mini lights, yet their concave lens produces a very pronounced starburst light halo which disperses light uniformly in all directions. 5mm LED mini lights are popular for almost any wrapping application including columns, indoor and outdoor trees, wreaths, and garland.

M5 LED Mini Lights & T5 Mini Lights- What do you get when you mix traditional Christmas light design with LED technology and diamond faceted bulbs? An instant classic! M5 & T5 LEDs are your replacement for incandescent mini lights and work well when wrapped around greenery, porch columns and indoor trees. T5 mini lights are especially popular for decorators with vintage Christmas tree displays as they look almost identical to traditional incandescent Christmas tree lights but with all the benefits of LED technology!

C6 Strawberry Lights- C6 LED mini lights are a decorators dream! C6 lights strings feature a diamond faceted design and add a touch of elegance to holidays and events. C6 LEDs are perfect for illuminating bushes, columns and trees because of their unique strawberry shape. They can also be used for indoor decorating and as party or wedding accent lighting.

G12 Raspberry Lights- Whether they remind you of raspberries or gum drops, G12 LED mini light strings are certainly a fun addition to any colorful and unique design theme! Trim the tree, light up bushes or wrap them around columns and railings. For added fun, use G12 lights for theme parties, lively room lighting and social gatherings year round!

Fairy Lights- Fairy lights are tiny little LED bulbs, but don't let their size fool you; they produce incredibly bright, glowing light! Some fairy lights are battery operated while others can be plugged in. The flexible wire is perfect for wrapping around greenery and can fit easily inside glass jars or hide discreetly in craft projects.

LED Christmas Mini Lights

Color Infusion

A Vibrant Spectrum of Light

Instead of being painted or coated, LED mini Christmas light bulbs are infused with color, resulting in a more vibrant light output and colors that never chip fade or crack. LED mini lights are available in a full spectrum of rich hues and some light strings feature multiple bulb colors to create fun combinations. Some of the most popular LED mini light combinations are purple with orange and green for Halloween; Christmas themed mini lights with red and white or green bulbs; and red, white and blue patriotic lights. Another color distinction in LED mini lights are those with warm and cool white hues. Warm white LED mini lights emit a golden glow that closely mimics the light tone produced by incandescent lights. These bulbs look especially elegant in indoor settings. Alternatively, cool white LED mini lights produce a bright white glow which can be seen from greater distances in outdoor settings and is perfect for mixing with other colors like green, blue and red.