Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas For The Roof

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Nov 9, 2020
Christmas Roof Lights

The Best Christmas Roof Lights

Popular Roof Light Colors

Christmas lights come in a full spectrum of bright colors which leaves no limit to the creative possibilities you have when choosing a theme for your roof light display. Popular color choices for the roof include the cozy glow of classic clear incandescent and warm white LED Christmas lights, the contrasting vivid, pure color tone of cool white LEDs, and of course, playful multicolor bulbs.

Classic White Christmas Lights: Iconic, simple and still very popular; clear incandescent bulbs are a Christmas classic. They cast a warm glow and are generally inexpensive. However, incandescent lights do require more electrical planning to account for the additional wattage they use in relation to the limits of your home and stringers. To plan your electrical needs when using incandescent lights, visit our page on calculting light wattage.

White LED Christmas Lights: White LED Christmas lights often come in two varieties: warm white and cool white. For those that love the traditional look of incandescent bulbs, there are even opaque finish and visible filament LED bulbs available which create that beloved classic glow. Additionally, LEDs use up to 90% less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs which allows you to add more lights to your home and keep them shining bright for longer.

Playful Multicolor Bulbs: Colorful Christmas lights create the most cheerful outdoor roof displays. Multicolor Christmas lights are avaialble in all the most popular roof lighting options, including C7 & C9 bulbs as well as icicle string lights. Carry your roof display out into the yard with multicolor string lights and net lights too!

Creative Roof Light Color Themes

Alternating bulb colors and creating light patterns is another playful way to draw attention to your Christmas roof light display. The color combinations below are some of the most popular found during Christmas time. You can create these color combinations using C7 and C9 bulbs or select from themed light sets which pair strings and bulbs together. Most of these color combinations are also available in LED mini light styles and icicle light strings, allowing you to carry a theme through your entire outdoor Christmas light display.

Red & White Christmas Roof Lights
Red & White Christmas Roof Lights
Red & Green Roof Lights
Red & Green Roof Lights
Blue & Green Roof Lights
Blue & Green Roof Lights

Combine Christmas Roof Light Styles

One of our favorite outdoor Christmas light ideas is to combine two styles of lights across your roofline. A layering of light styles creates a multidimensional display that truly stands out. In the photo below, a combination of red, green and white C9 bulbs has been layered with warm white icicle lights to create a gorgeous roof light display. To achieve this layered look, an all-in-one-clip can be used to hang both light styles simultaneously on gutters. However, for shingles, two light clips may be needed to support the dual light styles.

Quick Tips for Hanging Roof Lights

  • Measure first - Professional light installers always have a tape measure handy. There is no other way to accurately determine how many lights will be needed, and what lengths of string lights to use.
  • The right light clip makes all the difference. Visit our Christmas Light Clip Guide to determine the best clips to keep your roof lights in place.
  • For custom roof light displays, purchasing C7 & C9 bulbs and stringers separately or as a set with removable bulbs has many advantages, including better selection in wire color, easy replacement of bad bulbs, and ability to change out bulb colors each season. For large or custom lighting projects, purchase a light spool and cut wire as needed.
  • Use a Christmas light timer to conveniently turn your roof lights on and off.
  • Carefully remove and properly store roof lights to make next year's installation easier. Visit our Christmas decor storage guide for tips on properly storing a variety of lights and decorations!
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