Terrifyingly Terrific Outdoor Halloween Light Trees

Transcend into eerie spectacles, cloaked in the ghostly glows of green and purple Halloween lights.

By Frank Skinner | Updated Aug 25, 2023

Green and Purple Halloween Tree

If there's one thing that's really scary about Halloween, it's boring decorations. So, if you're looking for unique ideas on how to make your Halloween display scream this year, we wanted to share this otherworldly purple and green Halloween tree decorating idea with you.

Halloween lighting can change the mood of a space instantly. Halloween colors like purple, orange and green are often used for ambient light effects but there's ways to use them far beyond that.

For example, trees make great use cases for outdoor Halloween decorations with lighting. Tree trunks and branches have gnarly contours and surfaces and when they are wrapped with lights those twisted and crooked features stand out more. The chaotic branching of most trees also lends itself to lighting and creating one-of-a-kind Halloween looks.

The outdoor tree in this display project is a 20' Magnolia tree. It is a simple display in that it only uses two lighting products and a single extension cord.

1.) Purple, wide angle 5MM LED Halloween lights by Wintergreen Lighting.

2.) Green, faceted M5 LED lights by Wintergreen Lighting.

How'd the Display Come Together?

We wrapped the tree trunk and tree branches with about 25 sets of purple LED Halloween lights. We could've left it like this and it would've been a show stopper. The purple light wrapped branches are so intensely purple that the halo it produces casts throughout the yard.

However, we also intended to use green LED lights for a purple and green themed Halloween tree.

Purple LED Halloween Tree
Purple 5MMs Wrapped Around Tree
Green and Purple LED Halloween Tree
Green and Purple LED Halloween Tree

Instead of wrapping the green lights around branches though, we dropped them vertically down from the tree to create a willow vine drop look. The M5 green LED lights were specifically chosen because the look of the faceted M5 lens gives the look of buds coming off the vine. It's a small detail in the display, but we liked what it added.

Powering Your Terrifying Tree

In total, this display includes nearly 3,000 lights and it is all powered with a single extension cord! How'd we pull that off? The LED light sets we used from Wintergreen Lighting all include stackable male plugs and end-to-end female plugs, which means you can connect up to 45 sets together at a time. This display was far easier to create than most may realize and it included 40 light sets in total. (30 purple and 10 green)

The purple LED 5MM lights used for the trunk and branches were easily wrapped and extended with the end-to-end female plugs. Because the purple lights also have stackable male plugs, we could plug the green lights in at those spots to create the green vine drops. No custom lights or extra extension cords were needed for this display!

Wintergreen Lighting Stackable Male Plugs
Stackable Male Plugs
End to End Connectable Plugs
End to End Connectable Plugs

If you're thinking about unique outdoor Halloween decorating ideas this year and you want some eye-catching options for trees in your yard, we highly recommend you give this is a shot. The look of the tree and overall light halo it produces sets a Halloween mood like no other.

Lights Used for Project

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