Halloween Lights

An Enchanting Glow...

Halloween Lights

Escape into an enchanted world where ghosts and goblins come out to play and all things spooky roam...

You know that house in your neighborhood, the one with the mesmerizing display full of amazing purple, green and amber lights, ghostly decor and fun animation? We've put together a collection of our spookiest Halloween string lights and decor so you can transform your home this October and become that house everyone is talking about! If you have a passion for Halloween and a love for all things fun, we invite you to explore our selection of long lasting, energy efficient LED Halloween lights in vivid orange, green and purple! Or, enjoy the ghostly glow of incandescent halloween mini lights, and animated decorations sure to intrigue and inspire!

Halloween Lights and Decorations
Create an electric forest with Halloween light wrapped trees!

Spooky Electric Forest

Create a spellbinding scene by wrapping Halloween lights in your trees to create an eye-popping haunted forest. This kind of display is increasingly popular because it adds a new twist to the look and feel of Halloween. Not only are purple, green and orange light wrapped trees a unique Halloween decorating idea, but Trick or Treaters will love the colorful glow!

To create the electric forest shown here, we used a mix of combo-color and single color LED Halloween lights, which are listed below. If you need tips on wrapping your trees with Halloween lights visit our Tree Wrapping Guide.

Halloween Lights for Wrapping Trees

Ideas to Enhance your Enchanted Forest

  • Set up a fog machine on Halloween night, the LED lights mingling with the fog will create a spectacularly eerie glow.
  • Hang ghostly figures, bats, spider webs or witches hats from tree branches.
  • Make a playlist of spooky sounds to play near your forest
  • To add even more light, wrap nearby bushes with coordinating Halloween net lights.

Halloween Decorating

Wickedly Fun Halloween Lights Ideas

To help spark your creative side, we've provided a few of our favorite Halloween decorating and DIY ideas below featuring the season's signature light colors.

  • Outline decorations by wrapping green and purple lights around fake spiders, cauldrons, bats or cats!
  • Stake flicker flame bulbs along a walkway to serve as a helpful guide for Trick-or-Treaters.
  • Create a playful porch display by hanging pom poms and streamers from a string of amber lights, or set a spooky tone with purple LED bulbs and spider webs!
  • Hang purple, orange and green starlight spheres across the porch or from tree branches.
  • Tap into your creative side with battery operated lights for DIY projects! Wrap a Halloween themed wreath, illuminate an enchanting table setting or mantel display and even create a lighted Halloween scene in a jar or shadowbox.
  • Hang Halloween themed icicle lights along a fence or across the porch.