Spellbinding Sights - Halloween Lights & Decoration Ideas

By Kelli Harvey | Updated Sep 17, 2020
Electric Forest Halloween Lights

Whimsical, Witchy or Just Plain Scary? What's your Halloween theme? Orange, Purple & Green are the signature light colors of the season, and when placed into different combinations they become a unique backdrop of illumination to highlight your wickedly fun style! Keep things classic with orange and purple Halloween lights, create a spellbinding scene fit for a witch with purple and green hues, or try a whimsical display of green and blue that all the little monsters will love! Be Bold & Beware: If you're going for downright frightening, all red lights can be just plain scary!

Popular Halloween Light Colors

Halloween Light Color Combinations

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Delight trick-or-treaters with some of our favorite outdoor Halloween decorating ideas plus a few enchanting DIY projects too! Start at the front door with Halloween porch decorations, or click on the links below to go straight to the ideas you want to see!

Halloween Porch Decorations

Create a spooky scene or a fun display for welcoming trick-or-treaters to your door on All Hallows' eve!

Halloween Porch Decorations
Railing Wrapped with Garland Lights and Leaf Decor

Electric Forest Halloween Lights

You've seen trees wrapped in lights for Christmas, so why not create a spellbinding electric forest the same way! To create the haunted Halloween forest pictured here, we used the following:

Walkway Lights for Halloween Night

Guide trick-or-treaters right to your door with Halloween pathway lights. Pathway light sets feature C7 & C9 bulbs placed on sturdy lights stakes; the result is a clean, perfectly spaced outdoor walkway light display.

Flicker Flame Bulb Halloween Walkway Lights
Flame Bulb Halloween Walkway & Roof Lights
Halloween Walkway Lights
Halloween Walkway Lights

Create a Spooky Graveyard Scene & Eerie Walkways with Icicle Lights

Using Halloween icicle lights, sturdy but bendable black wire & black paddle wire or twist ties, you can create the look of eerie tendrils or fingers growing up out of the ground - perfect for a graveyard scene or walkway lighting! Just follow the steps below.

  1. Measure each icicle drop and add 4-6" to this measurement. Then cut pieces of the sturdy black wire to match. The extra length will be used to stake your icicle lights into the ground. Depending on the strength of the wire, you may need to use a few pieces per icicle drop.

  2. Using the black paddle wire or twist ties, attach each length of the sturdy wire you just cut to the base of the icicle light drop. Leave about 4" of wire sticking out past the base of the icicle drop where it connects to the main light wire, this extra length will be used for staking the icicle lights upright into the ground.

  3. Begin staking your icicle lights into the ground using the excess sturdy wire mentioned in step 2 above. You may need to bend the wire to form an "L" shape where it meets the ground to create more stability.

  4. Twist your icicle lights to form any shape you like, then turn on the lights & admire your spooky scene!

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Icicle Lights DIY Idea
DIY Halloween Graveyard Lights

DIY Lighted Branch Halloween Critters

Lighted branches are incredibly versatile & flexible. So flexible in fact that they can be bent into all kinds of fun shapes! We made these three Halloween decorations using our smaller 3 pc green lighted branch set but there are several colors & styles to choose from. To find out how to make each one, visit our decorator's guide to lighted branches

Halloween Spider Decoration

Spooky Halloween Tree

Creepy Eyeball Bowl

Boho-Gothic DIY Halloween Chandelier with Starburst Lights

With its explosion of flowers and textures, this project may seem complicated, but creating a starburst lighted branch chandelier is actually incredibly easy! We've placed the steps to create the chandelier base below (there are only 4!). After you've created your chandelier base, the creative options are endless & entirely dependent on your style preference. Choose silk flowers & greenery in your preferred colors and pick out a few decorative accents to hang from the many branches to add even more detail to your design. Once you've decided on your decorative accents, follow step 5 for how to attach them...this might be your easiest & most gorgeous DIY project yet!

Gorgeous DIY Halloween Decoration - Mystical Boho-Gothic Chandelier Light with Flowers
Boho Gothic DIY Halloween Chandelier Light with Flowers

How to Make a DIY Halloween Chandelier

  • Pull the lighted branches up and outward so that they form a flat disc, leaving just 4 or 5 branches pointing straight down from the middle. The stem should be at the top as you will need it to hang your chandelier.
  • Bend the ends of the middle 4 or 5 branches up to create U shapes.
  • Continue pulling down a few branches at a time leaving them straight. The middle branches should point straight down and the others should be angled outward gradually toward the top where the remaining branches are still flat.
  • When finished your chandelier should look similar to the undecorated picture below.
  • From here attach silk flower stems in your preferred color palette to the branches using either floral wire or zip ties. Just make sure not to attach them too tightly or you'll run the risk of pinching the wires inside. You can also bend more of the branch ends into a U shape to hang decorative items like ribbons or fake spiders from them. Use these same decorative accents to make a matching DIY Halloween table centerpiece! (see image below)

Tip: When choosing flowers, select fuller blooms to fill the interior of the chandelier (hydrangeas are perfect for this!) & then use more delicate blooms & interesting textures on the outside of the branches. Don't forget to take a peek from underneath your chandelier to check out the view looking up into it as well!

Do you love decorating in October? Tell us about your Halloween decorating style in the comments below or tag us in your photos on Instagram & Facebook. We can't wait to see what you create!

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