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By Kelli Harvey | Updated Aug 7, 2023
Electric Forest Halloween Lights

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Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Electric Forest Halloween Lights

Walkway Lights for Halloween Night

Create a Spooky Graveyard Scene & Eerie Walkways with Icicle Lights

  1. Measure each icicle drop and add 4-6" to this measurement. Then cut pieces of the sturdy black wire to match. The extra length will be used to stake your icicle lights into the ground. Depending on the strength of the wire, you may need to use a few pieces per icicle drop.

  2. Using the black paddle wire or twist ties, attach each length of the sturdy wire you just cut to the base of the icicle light drop. Leave about 4" of wire sticking out past the base of the icicle drop where it connects to the main light wire, this extra length will be used for staking the icicle lights upright into the ground.

  3. Begin staking your icicle lights into the ground using the excess sturdy wire mentioned in step 2 above. You may need to bend the wire to form an "L" shape where it meets the ground to create more stability.

  4. Twist your icicle lights to form any shape you like, then turn on the lights & admire your spooky scene!

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Icicle Lights DIY Idea
DIY Halloween Graveyard Lights

DIY Lighted Branch Halloween Critters

Halloween Spider Decoration

Spooky Halloween Tree

Creepy Eyeball Bowl

Boho-Gothic DIY Halloween Chandelier with Starburst Lights

Gorgeous DIY Halloween Decoration - Mystical Boho-Gothic Chandelier Light with Flowers
Boho Gothic DIY Halloween Chandelier Light with Flowers

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