Christmas light clips
Christmas Light Clips & Hangers
  • Experience expert design with C7 & C9 Christmas lights that face the same direction while remaining securely in place.
  • Choose from all in one clips, ground stakes, gutter clips and more.
  • Easily create perfectly placed pathway and roof lights that stay put.
Controllers / Timers / Light Testers / Faders
Controllers / Timers / Light Testers / Faders

The crowning touch on a lighting job would be the controllers, timers, and faders. We carry a wide array of styles.

Adapters and Electrical
Adapters and Electrical
  • Get the job done fast and right with electrical sockets and plug adapters.
  • Commercial grade sockets, outlets and plugs for SPT1 or SPT2 wires.
  • Add sockets and plugs to spliced wires for complete customization and professional quality light displays.
Extension Cords and Power Strips Category
Extension Cords/Power Strips
  • Light strings reach new heights with the help of extension cords!
  • Heavy duty indoor and outdoor rated extension cords in green, white brown and black colors to complement any project.
  • Gain access to power outlets from anywhere with extensions cords.
Greenery Installation Accessories
  • Gorgeous greenery displays begin with the right installation accessories!
  • Hook, tie or hang garland and wreaths from a variety of surfaces.
  • Line railings with greenery using garland ties or hang wreaths and decorations from doors and windows.
Christmas Tree Storage Bags
Christmas Tree Storage Bags
  • Storage bags provide peace of mind and protection for your cherished Christmas decor.
  • Available in sizes to fit trees from 6 -9 ft with rolling options and ornament storage too!
  • Safely store Christmas trees, holiday ornaments and more until next season.
Christmas tree stand
Christmas Tree Stands
  • Display your Christmas tree in a grand way with the support of a well crafted stand.
  • Choose from rolling or stationary stands for use with artificial and live trees.
  • Use the proper stand to position holiday trees flawlessly and safely both indoors and out.