Light Up Your 4th!

Wedding Lights and Decorations

wedding lights

Wedding Lights

  • Wedding lights for both reception and ceremony
  • Decorate weddings with mini lights, starlight spheres, and lighted branches
  • Outdoor wedding lights include flower lights and icicles
white wire Christmas lights

White Christmas Lights

  • Simply chic white Christmas lights are the foundation for any classic Christmas display.
  • Available in incandescent and LED bulbs with multiple sizes and light features.
  • White lights create flawless, elegant lighting indoors and outdoors and are a perfect complement to any wedding decor style.
tabletop trees

Tabletop and Decorative Trees

  • Tabletop and decorative potted trees
  • Decorate for Christmas, weddings, and holidays
  • Beautiful pre-decorated battery operated trees
craft christmas mini lights

Craft Christmas Lights

  • Perfect for holiday crafts and decorating
  • Mini strands and battery powered strands for centerpieces
  • White wire or green wire
Flameless Christmas Candles

Flameless Candles

  • Flameless LED candles
  • Ideal for Christmas, weddings, and special occasions
  • Scented, wax drip, wavy edge and decorative
Lighted Branches

Lighted Branches

  • Lighted branches with bright LED lights
  • Lighted willow branches with white and brown stem colors
  • Great for wedding lights and home decor
icicle lights and led icicles

Icicle Lights

  • Create a wintry snowscape with quick-hanging icicle lights.
  • Various colors and styles in LED and incandescent icicles for a unique light display.
  • Hang icicle lights along rooflines and windows to create a winter wonderland.
sphere lights

Starlight Spheres

  • Create a celestial experience with outdoor light balls radiating light through bulbs encased in star designs!
  • Available in brilliant colors, incandescent or LED lights and sizes from 6-10.
  • Hang Starlight Spheres from tree branches or above gathering spaces to add fun lighting anytime. Perfect for creating unique outdoor lighting.
Hanging Lanterns

Decorative Candle Lanterns

  • Decorative candle lanterns add ambiance and glow to the evening
  • LED flameless candles are included with many, as well as expandable lanterns
  • Hang lanterns from branches or set on tables
Wedding Lights are an essential part of every wedding, from small weddings to large weddings. Decorate both the interior and exterior of the wedding halls and reception rooms, string mini lights over wedding arbors and trellises, create ambient lighting in backdrops, and wrap flower lights over bushes.