C7 / C9 Christmas Lights

C7 & C9 Christmas Light Bulbs
C7 / C9 Christmas Light Bulbs
  • Advanced bulb features result in long lasting lights and professional displays.
  • Choose popular colors and paint finishes in C7 and C9 bulb sizes.
  • C7 / C9 bulbs are the best Christmas lights for rooflines and walkways.
LED Christmas Light Sets
C7 / C9 Christmas Light Sets
  • C7 / C9 light sets offer the convenience of pre installed bulbs, saving you time.
  • Light strings are available in incandescent and LED clear or color bulbs.
  • Use C7 and C9 light sets for plug and go outdoor displays.
Commercial Christmas Light Sets
Commercial C7 / C9 Stringers with Bulbs
  • Commercial LED Christmas bulbs and heavy duty socket wire.
  • Best selling light sets in C7 and C9 bulbs.
  • Easy to buy and long lasting for years of indoor/outdoor use.
Christmas Light Strings
C7 / C9 Christmas Light Stringers
  • SPT1: for LED or shorter C7 incandescent runs
  • SPT2: best for worry-free light planning
  • SPT2 10 Amp: use with incandescent C9 lights
  • Green or white wire
Christmas Pathway and Walkway Lights
Pathway Christmas Lights
  • Create inviting spaces and brighten walkways with our collection of designer pathway lights!
  • Available in traditional incandescent and LED options
  • Easily install to illuminate any outdoor path!
Opticore LED Christmas Light Bulbs
OptiCore LED Bulbs
  • Featuring SMD LEDs for a superior light halo and wider light array.
  • Thicker lenses and deeper facets for rich color and light consistency.
  • Smooth opaque and diamond faceted options in C7, C9 and Globe light bulbs.
Christmas Light Clips for C7/C9 Bulbs
C7 and C9 Clips
  • C7 & C9 light clips keep bulbs securely in place.
  • Choose from all in one clips, ground stakes, shingle tabs, gutter clips and more.
  • Easily create perfectly placed pathway and roof lights.
Christmas Light Stakes
C7 and C9 Stakes
  • Extend the beauty of your Christmas lights throughout the yard with C7/C9 light stakes!
  • Kepp wires off the ground and bulbs securely in place.
  • Create lighted pathways at Christmas, weddings and events.
Christmas Light Adapters and Sockets
Adapters and Electrical
  • Commercial grade sockets and plugs for SPT1 or SPT2 wires.
  • Multiple colors including brown, white and green.
  • Add sockets and plugs to spliced wires for complete customization and professional quality light displays.
Controllers / Timers / Light Testers / Faders
Controllers / Timers / Light Testers / Faders
  • Turn your lights on or off from anywhere with the help of Christmas light timers and controllers.
  • Wireless remotes, intermatic timers, ground stake timers and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor rated options.
Extension Cords for Christmas Lights
Extension Cords/Power Strips
  • Light strings reach new heights with the help of extension cords!
  • Heavy duty indoor and outdoor rated extension cords.
  • Green, white, brown and black colors to complement any project.

C7 and C9 bulbs are large and impactful Christmas lights with a retro inspired design. Their advanced bulb features create the perfect compliment to any classic outdoor Christmas display. With options in both LED and incandescent lights, the design possibilities are endless!

Ignite your creativity with our wide selection of C7 and C9 bulbs and strings in vibrant colors, transparent or frosted finishes, and with features such as twinkle bulbs and multiple socket spacing options. Nickel bases prevent corrosion to ensure bulbs stay lit even in periods of inclement weather so you can focus on creating your traditional holiday display without the added worry!

Use C7 and C9 bulbs and sets in a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. C7 lights are the ideal size to trim a tree or outline the yard, and C9 bulbs are popular hanging on rooftops and wrapped around large outdoor trees.