C7 / C9 Christmas Lights

C7 C9 Christmas Light Bulbs
C7 / C9 Christmas Light Bulbs
  • Advanced bulb features result in long lasting lights and professional displays.
  • Choose popular colors and paint finishes in C7 and C9 bulb sizes.
  • C7 / C9 bulbs are the best Christmas lights for rooflines and walkways.
C7 C9 Christmas Light Sets
C7 C9 Christmas Light Sets
  • C7 / C9 light sets offer the convenience of pre installed bulbs, saving you time.
  • Light strings are available in incandescent and LED clear or color bulbs.
  • Use C7 and C9 light sets for plug and go outdoor displays.
Commercial Christmas Light Sets
Commercial C7 / C9 Stringers with Bulbs
  • Commercial LED Christmas bulbs and heavy duty socket wire.
  • Best selling light sets in C7 and C9 bulbs.
  • Easy to buy and long lasting for years of indoor/outdoor use.
C7 / C9 Christmas Light Strings
C7 / C9 Christmas Light Stringers
  • SPT1: for LED or shorter C7 incandescent runs
  • SPT2: best for worry-free light planning
  • SPT2 10 Amp: use with incandescent C9 lights
  • Green or white wire
  • Light clips for clean outlines
  • Timers, wireless remotes, controllers
  • Extension cords, zip plugs for power
  • Christmas storage