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Icicle Lights

Transform your home into a Winter Wonderland with traditional and LED icicle lights. Whether youre looking for a classic Christmas display or a modern twist on an old favorite, our selection of icicle lights feature options for every decorating taste. Hanging from eaves, gutters, railings or fences, dangling lights shimmer with festivity.

Choose from traditional icicle lights containing incandescent mini bulbs or energy saving LED icicle lights in a variety of bulb colors and wire options. Fall in love with icicle lights and experience the benefits of our commercial quality design featuring tighter wire twists to prevent tangling and long bulb life for lasting professional display.

Hang Icicle lights in multiple lengths and mix and match LED tubes to create a unique effect of falling snow. Inspire your winter wedding guests with an elegant snow-filled scene or suspend brightly colored Grand Cascade tubes from the ceiling or tree branches to create a mesmerizing light display at parties.

LED icicle lights hang for holidays, weddings and event decorating. Create effects of falling snow and dripping water from ice using the latest in lighting technology: Grand Cascade™ LED light tubes. Decorate to create a curtain of snow, a show of cold ice with Cool White LEDs, or choose bright colors for a festive party or event.