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Sometimes you need a few extras to create the perfect display. From wreath hangers and adapters to visual outdoor light displays, our growing Accessories collection provides the tools you need to achieve the effects you want.
Christmas Light Clips & Hangers
christmas light clips
Christmas Light Clips & Hangers  - 
  • All styles of Christmas light clips
  • Gutter clips, shingle clips, siding hooks and specialty light clips
  • Choose from permanent or temporary installation
  • Hang Christmas lights like a pro!

Controllers / Timers / Light Testers / Faders
christmas decorating accessory
Controllers / Timers / Light Testers / Faders  -  The crowning touch on a lighting job would be the controllers, timers, and faders. We carry a wide array of styles.

Adapters and Electrical
christmas decorating accessory
Adapters and Electrical  -  All of the Adapters and Electrical supplies to help you get the job done right.

Extension Cords/Power Strips
christmas decorating accessory
Extension Cords/Power Strips  -  Professional-grade lighting jobs naturally call for cords that blend naturally into the surroundings. We stock black, white, and green extension cords to make installation quicker and easier.

Greenery Installation Accessories
Greenery Installation Accessories
Greenery Installation Accessories  -  Hang lights and wreaths from trees, brick, and other difficult surfaces using our specialty collection of greenery installation accessories.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags
christmas tree storage bag
Christmas Tree Storage Bags  -  Storage bags for Christmas trees and light strings keep your Christmas essentials safe from dust and damage all year long.

Christmas Tree Stands
Christmas tree stand
Christmas Tree Stands  - 
  • Christmas tree stands for artificial and live trees
  • Position trees perfectly with the proper stand
  • Choose from rolling, stationary, and stands with foot pedals