Mini Lights

Incandescent Mini Lights

  • Traditional Christmas mini lights for every use
  • Offering end-to-end plugs for continous runs of wire
  • Standard, premium and commercial grade light sets

LED Mini Lights

  • LED Mini Christmas Lights replace incandescent mini lights, saving you time and money.
  • Available in a variety of bulb sizes: 5mm, M5, G12 and C6.
  • Ideal for decorating bushes and wrapping trees, posts or railings.

Twinkle Chasing Mini Lights

  • Chasing Mini Lights make light strings fun!
  • Mini Lights create a chasing effect with use of a controller, or choose twinkle lights
  • Choose your bulb color and watch the chase begin

Battery Powered Mini Lights

  • Battery Operated Mini Lights
  • Clear, Multi, and LED Battery Lights

Craft Christmas Lights

  • Perfect for holiday crafts and decorating
  • Mini strands and battery powered strands for centerpieces
  • White wire or green wire

Discover the fun and enhanced value of mini lights! With options in incandescent and LED, plus the choice of added features such as battery power and speed controlled chasing lights, the possibilities are endless!

Advanced technology and quality engineering of tighter wire twists and stackable plugs results in the ability to connect multiple lights when wrapping trees in a worry free, tangle free installation process. Mini lights are offered in a full spectrum of rich hues and are not just for Christmas decor! Use mini lights to create ambiance at parties, romance at weddings and for a variety of crafts and DIY projects.