Mini Lights

Christmas mini lights products
Incandescent Mini Lights
  • Christmas mini lights are classic and elegant, a perfect choice for light displays.
  • Offering end-to-end plugs for continuous runs of light
  • Standard, premium and commercial grade lights
LED Mini Lights
LED Mini Lights
  • LED Mini Christmas Lights replace incandescent mini lights, saving you time and money.
  • Lights available in a variety of bulb sizes: 5mm, M5, G12 and C6.
  • Ideal for decorating bushes and wrapping trees, posts or railings.
chasing mini lights
Twinkle Chasing Mini Lights
  • Add a unique glimmer of animation with chasing mini lights!
  • Pick from favorite colors and adjust speed and animation to create moving holiday lights.
  • Use chasing mini lights inside or outdoor!
Battery operated mini lights
Battery Powered Mini Lights
  • Battery Operated Mini Lights
  • Clear, Multi, and LED Battery Lights
Craft Lights
Craft Christmas Lights
  • Perfect for holiday crafts and decorating
  • Mini strands and battery powered strands for centerpieces
  • White wire or green wire