Mini Lights

Incandescent Mini Lights

  • Traditional Christmas mini lights for every use
  • Offering end-to-end plugs for continous runs of wire
  • Standard, premium and commercial grade light sets

LED Mini Lights

  • LED mini Christmas lights save you power
  • Brighter bulbs with sealed sockets to protect from rain, snow, and wear-and-tear
  • Connect up to 43 sets using a single outlet

Twinkle Chasing Mini Lights

  • Chasing Mini Lights make light strings fun!
  • Mini Lights create a chasing effect with use of a controller, or choose twinkle lights
  • Choose your bulb color and watch the chase begin

Battery Powered Mini Lights

  • Battery Operated Mini Lights
  • Clear, Multi, and LED Battery Lights

Craft Christmas Lights

  • Perfect for holiday crafts and decorating
  • Mini strands and battery powered strands for centerpieces
  • White wire or green wire

Christmas mini lights are a great and affordable way to add style and color to any decoration. Our mini Christmas lights can be use indoors and out unless otherwise stated. Complete your holiday decorating with colorful mini Christmas lights. Mini Christmas lights can be used on trees, along windows and rooftops, and at tables to highlight centerpieces. Colors range from red and green to orange and purple, so use mini lights to decorate for sporting events and parties.