Noble Fir

  • Natural Blue Spruce pigment blends
  • Full tree with a lush interior
  • Round tip design, hinged branches
Noble Fir
Noble Fir
Noble Fir
Noble Fir
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Available Sizes

Ht (ft) Price Sale  
6.5 $579.00 $469.00 Add to Cart
6.5 $659.00 Add to Cart
7.5 $829.00 $669.00 Add to Cart
7.5 $939.00 $799.00 Add to Cart
9 $1,239.00 $869.00 Add to Cart
9 $1,379.00 $1,149.00 Add to Cart
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12 $2,159.00 $1,499.00 Add to Cart
14 $3,339.00 $2,399.00 Add to Cart
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About The Noble Fir

The Noble tree elegantly displays realistic needles that cluster together to form full sprays, with a lifelike symmetry and a distinctive, endearing personality. Mixed green coloring makes this tree look like the original spruce trees that were used as traditional Christmas trees.

Noble Fir Prelit Trees Feature:

  • High tip and light counts
  • Round lifelike tip design created using live Blue Spruce tip molds
  • Clustered branches shape up or down
  • Full elegant appearance
  • Hinged tree branches for easy setup
  • Realistic TruTip™ technology

Majestic in appearance, the Noble Fir TruTip™ Prelit Tree is now available in either clear incandescent bulbs or beautiful warm white LED lights. Tree shape is full, and the interior remains lush and lifelike. High tip and light counts, soft realistic molded needles and tips, and multiple color pigments make the Noble Fir a tree fit for the most distinguished of tastes.