Rope Light Controllers and Accessories

Rope Light Controllers

  • Rope light controllers for lighting effects
  • Selection for 3, 4, and 5-wire
  • Regular and LED rope light controllers
  • Control chasing, speed, and lighting functions

2-wire 1/2 inch (13mm) Rope Light Accessories

  • 2-wire 1/2 inch accessories
  • Use with traditional and LED rope light
  • Clips, suction cups and more

2-wire 3/8 Rope Light Accessories

  • 2-wire 3/8 inch accessories for rope light
  • Use with rope light to splice, connect and mount
  • Choose from splice cables, end caps and more

3-wire 1/2 Rope Light Accessories

  • 3-wire 1/2 inch accessories for rope light
  • Use with rope light to create unlimited designs
  • Choose from power connectors, channels, extension cables and more

4-Wire (14mm) Rope Light Accessories

  • 4-wire rope light accessories
  • Use when creating super chasing 3 color effects
  • Accessories geared for use in night clubs, discos, restaurants, and wherever vibrant lighting effects are desired

5-Wire (15mm) Rope Light Accessories

  • 5-wire 15mm accessories for rope light
  • Use 5-wire rope light for multi chasing effects
  • Indoor and outdoor use: caps, plugs, and more
Rope Light Controllers, Connectors, Mounting Clips, Power Cords and other Installation Accessories. Illuminate customized Christmas rope light displays, decorate parade floats, and outline buildings easily with rope light accessories. Controllers activate multi function chasing rope light for animation.