Light Up Your 4th!

Mini LED Christmas Lights

Get the best of both worlds with the M5 mini light! These radiant bulbs are shaped like a traditional mini light but boast the added value of energy saving LEDs!

M5 LED bulbs are built to last with a patented one piece construction to prevent moisture corrosion and are virtually unbreakable. These strings are rated for 100,000 hours of service so they look great even after years of use. Choose between 70 count premium and 50 count light strings, and connect up to 210 watts (43+ sets) for worry free installation with fewer power outlets!

M5 LED light strings are available in a large assortment of radiant colors with the choice of either white or green wire. Use them to trim an indoor tree, wrap around wreaths or garland or take them outdoors and wrap tree trunks, columns and railings.