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2.75" Sun Yellow Ball Ornament - Matte Finish

Item: U12512


Boxes of 12

In Stock - Ships Tuesday

  • Ornament Color: Sun Yellow
  • 1-2 Inches size Ball
  • Glass material
  • Premium grade for Indoor use

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Reviewed by Nicole K.
on Thursday, December 11, 2014

not as warm as I'd like but...

This was my first time trying out any LED bulbs-- I've thought about it for the past few years, switching to the warm white LED C7 bulbs. I love the old school traditional look but the clear faceted ones just weren't cutting it for me. So when I saw these opaque & smooth ones here this year for the first time, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. They're still not close enough in looks to my old ones to thrill me-- the "warm" is still definitely cooler than my white incandescents; though admittedly, not at all blue/cool like the regular white LED's I see everywhere and despise. And they're still not as bright as my incandescents, despite the 3 diodes per bulb. HOWEVER, I am going to keep them, as I believe the pros outweigh those cons. I'm very happy with having lights that I don't have to worry about breaking if they hit the floor too hard, or burning us when we inevitably touch them while decorating. No fear of burning the house down is definitely a plus : ) Energy savings also excites me. So yes, I would recommend them. But after spending so much money, I do wish they came closer to the "real" thing for me.