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148' Blue, Red, Clear Chasing Rope Light, 4 Wire (14mm), 120 Volt

Item: V17408

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Constructed of pure tungsten filaments enclosed in strong PVC tubing, LynxLite rope light exhibits high flexibility, temperature sustainability, and UV resistance. Great for any number of applications. Remove from spool before plugging in.

  • 148' Spool Red, Blue, Clear Incandescent Rope Light
  • Round shaped rope light tubing
  • 4 wire rope light for commercial use in large projects
  • Use a controller for animated chasing light effects
  • Customize rope lights by cutting and using accessories
  • 12 bulbs per foot for maximum brightness
  • Frame buildings with rope lights this Christmas
  • Entertain with festive lights
  • Serene blue lighting radiates beauty at night

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